Talk the Talk…Walk the Walk

Hello. I hope everyone is having a great day.

It is my true desire to be a peaceful loving man. I want to live in harmony with all things good. I want to display strong positive morals and values that will make my family proud. I want to be the best I can be.

But how can I become this new man from within a prison environment, and after decades of violent behavior?

The answer: Mental Fortitude.

The mind is a powerful thing once you learn to control it and focus it on specific aspects. And no one can do this for me. It’s something I have to want for myself. And I do! (please read my blog: Rehabilitation, It’s My Choice)

In addition to all my efforts of becoming a changed man, I’ve submitted an application to the H-6 Honor Unit.


I’m not sure if they’ll accept me. I feel like they won’t. I feel like they won’t even give me the chance to succeed within this program. I really want this opportunity because H-6 is an environment that holds inmates 100% accountable. You cannot “fake it” and succeed in the honor unit. It is the ultimate test in here.

I don’t like to fail. I pride myself on success. I’m not just talking the talk…I’m walking the walk.

Living A Pipe Dream

It’s okay to be ambitious.

It’s okay to have huge goals.

It’s okay to dream.

And for me, after 20 years of incarceration, it’s okay for me to live a “Pipe Dream”.

My pipe dream consists of writing several ebooks. Together, my wife and I will publish them. The more we publish, the more we’ll learn. The time will come when we’re comfortable taking on other projects, such as publishing the work of inmates around the world.

My pipe dream consists of me owning my own publishing company. It’s called Stone City Publishing, LLC. My dream is to one day have hundreds of titles by hundreds of inmates worldwide. All selling under my network of prison literature.

My pipe dream is to get out of prison as a multi-millionaire. This dream is in action!

Stone City Publishing has already featured its first release! That release has already sold 51 ebooks. Hey, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. The longest journey starts with a single step. And my wife and I have already taken that first step.

My pipe dream says I’m the CEO and she’s the COO. I couldn’t do it without her. She is EVERYTHING to me. Her love, support, commitment, and dedication to me and Stone City Publishing is absolutely AMAZING. Together we make a powerful team.

Stone City Publishing is no longer my pipe dream, it’s our pipe dream. Together we will succeed. We will NEVER give up. We will continue to work hard and progress. We will succeed!

If a person has a burning desire and sets their mind to something, they can achieve anything. Regardless of what the nay-sayers say.

I focus on the positive. I focus on the encouragement I receive from others. I focus on my ability, my drive, my passion, and my dedication. I know I have what it takes to succeed.

If a statement doesn’t serve me well or someone is doubting me and throwing shade, I ignore it. I’m not going to defend my pipe dream against a pessimistic. Instead, I’ll harness that negative energy and re-focus it towards our dream.

I’m telling you, without this pipe dream, who knows where I’d be. All I know is it’s a healthy, positive, productive presence in my life. It gives me a sense of accomplishment as it fills several voids within my soul.

Thank you to everyone who believes in me. I appreciate all your support and encouragement.


Hi There!

Have you ever heard of Well please, allow me to enlighten you.

I have an Amazing project with a clear goal that I’d like to bring to life. As most of you know, I’ve published my first of several e-books. Its called: “Stone City: Life In The Penitentiary”.

It is my burning desire to publish not only my work, but the work of other inmates too. Surprising enough, there is some serious talent in prison. That’s why I’ve created Stone City Publishing, LLC. That’s why my long term goal is to publish hundreds of titles by hundreds of inmate authors from all over the world.

This is an ambitious project that’s already underway. The longest journey starts with a single step. Several steps have already been taken. Now I need to call upon friends, family, and fellow supporters to help bring this project to life.

Please check out my project page at and pledge your support.

Thank You.

Steven Jennings

Creating Your Lifestyle

“Creating Your Lifestyle” is something that I wrote 10 years ago. I’d like to share it with you. Keep in mind it was written for readers who don’t know that I’m in prison. Here it is…


I never dreamed life could be this easy. Let me tell you about this amazing life I live. I know a lot of people hate their jobs; they stress over lack of money and bills stacking up. Think about all the stress in your life; and just know there are millions of people with the same issues.

However, my life is extraordinary; by no means is it even close to “normal”. How would you like it if you could hit the snooze button all day? Wouldn’t it feel good to be able to sleep when it’s time to get up? Well, for me, I can stay in bed all day if I so desire, and sometimes I do. It all depends on how I feel. Usually I get out of bed around noon so I can participate in activities I love. It takes me about ten minutes to get ready. So, as I do, I turn on my TV to MTV or VH1. I like to start my day with music.

After I get ready for the day, it’s time to eat something. I don’t put much time or effort into this task. I have people who cook for me. It’s nice to be able to walk to the kitchen and have a hot meal waiting. All I have to do is eat; I don’t prepare anything or clean up. All my meals are this way.

After I eat, I usually go play one of my favorite games, handball. On average I play seven days a week. Sometimes I’ll take a day off if I feel like it. I’m also on a softball team during the summer, which I love! I’m the lead off batter and I play left field. My team is very good. We always have a good season, even if we don’t win the championship. In the past ten years our team has won six championships and came in second place twice. I also spend my days playing soccer, basketball, and working out. I never thought my life would be so easy and stress free.

I don’t pay any bills; as a matter of fact, I can’t even remember the last time I received a bill. Yet, my TV always turns on when I press the power button. Every time I flick a light switch, the lights come on. My water is always running and hot when I need it. The ice machine is always full of ice. My house is always heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer.

I thought life was supposed to be full of responsibilities, deadlines, and commitments. Heck, it’s not that way for me. All I do is have fun, joke around, and play games. Where’s the responsibility? I even have someone who does my laundry; they pick it up dirty and return it clean. OK, I admit it…I do fold it, but only if it’s already been cleaned.

After a long day of playing games or just lying around, I like to spend my evenings playing a card game called Pinochle. I really enjoy this game; I’ve spent up to ten hours in a single day playing Pinochle. It’s what I do to relax if I don’t feel like playing sports or working out. This lifestyle is quite simple. If I don’t feel like doing something, I don’t. And why should I?

This is my life; it’s not like there is someone who can fire me from life. This lifestyle of mine is like being on vacation. I move at my own pace and I choose my own activities.

How would you like to live a life like this? Just think about it. A life where everything you’ll ever need is handed to you. Other people pay everything for you; your clothes, your food, your house, and all the services to keep things functioning. And better yet, you’ll never have to pay any money back. Any time you get sick or need a dentist, the services are there immediately, and there is absolutely no money out of your pocket. Never again will you have to stress over the basic necessities of life, like millions upon millions do.

Life is too short for all the stress and worry. That’s why I’ve decided to enjoy my life to the fullest. I’ve learned to appreciate the things I have and the time I’m provided with on this wonderful earth God has created. I recognize my blessings and cherish every one of them. Even the ones I have to create myself. Only a fool would take life for granted, regardless of how you live.

I know this is easy for me to say considering I have everything I’ll ever need. However, this lifestyle is so easy; anyone can achieve it. You don’t need a college education or even a high school diploma. People who dropped out of school at the age of 12 or started to abuse drugs and alcohol everyday can achieve this lifestyle. Full-blown junkies can live this lifestyle, and many do. The only thing you need to do to create this lifestyle is come to prison.

Author’s Note

I’ve been in prison since the age of 20. I’m now 41 and I have 18 years left to serve. I’d gladly trade in my prison life for a free life full of responsibilities, commitments, and deadlines, which naturally create stress. Unfortunately, this is not an option for me. So, I’ve chosen to focus on all the positive aspects of life. Even from behind bars, life is what you make of it. The quality of your life depends on what you choose to focus and dwell on. Accept hardship and stress as a natural part of existence, then just let it roll off your back like water off a duck. Seek out all the good and all the beauties in this world; help create them. Take the time to comprehend and actually enjoy life’s little pleasures. Enjoy the moment and let it soak in, rather than letting it pass by with a quick laugh. If I can be this free within the filthy boundaries of prison, just imagine what you can do in the midst of Gods beauty.

Peace and Love

Feedback From A Professional Editor

Before “Stone City: Life In The Penitentiary” got published, I had to find an editor. That in itself was a process. I sent sample chapters to several editors. Here is the feedback from one of those editors…

Stone City: Life In The Penitentiary by Steven Jennings, is full of “gut kickers.” Gut kickers are lines or moments in the stories that stop you cold. For writing to truly move you or teach you something, these lines have to be present.

Stone City: Life In The Penitentiary is rife with these lines. Whats more is some of these lines almost make you stop breathing. The razor-sharp honesty in this writing is at once terrifying and compelling. That strength alone speaks volumes about Stone City: Life In The Penitentiary.

Another essential characteristic of good writing is voice. Steven Jennings’ voice is quite strong in its directness, urgency, and fearlessness. Indeed, it seems the only thing he fears is himself. I find this quite compelling and I think others will too; more than that, I think many will identify with him strongly.

Steven Jennings has a talent for crafting story. He delivers information efficiently, keeping the narrative moving at a quick clip, which gives it a lean powerful quality. Stone City: Life In The Penitentiary charges at the reader and doesn’t stop.

Lastly, giving this type of feedback without having a formal agreement and discussing a fee is not typical, which is a testament to the strength and provocative nature of the writing. Clearly, I’m interested in this project.

To read Chapter 1 of Stone City: Life In The Penitentiary, go to Stone City Publishing.

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Seeking Help

Hey, what’s up everybody? I’m on a mission and I need your help.

My 1st ebook is published. It’s called, “Stone City: Life In The Penitentiary.”

If you haven’t already checked it out, please do so. Simply visit Stone City Publishing. Then blog about it. Tweet about it. Like/Share it on facebook. Help me show it to the world. I need your help to get this ebook in front of millions.

If you have any sweet ideas, contact me and lets make it happen.

Thank you for your help.

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Can’t get enough of Stone City Blog? Never fear, Twitter is here.

I’ve decided to start Tweeting. I have included a Twitter section at the bottom of this page. It will give you all a glimpse of my day-to-day thoughts, and even daily prison happenings that go on in here.

Please follow me: @stonecitylife

Thank you,
Steven Jennings


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With Every Hardship Comes An Equal Seed of Opportunity

Forty-three years in prison sucks for more reasons than I care to list. But the good news is I’ve realized the power within the mind. No matter what the situation is, life is an attitude. And my attitude is within my control.

One of my favorite philosophies is, “With every setback or hardship comes an equal seed of opportunity.” It’s almost an art form to recognize and apply this philosophy. Because the opportunity always comes during a dark troublesome time. A time when the negative seems overwhelming, and accepting the grief & heartache seems like the only option. Don’t get me wrong, grieving in moderation is necessary for healing. Just don’t make a habit of it and let it ruin you. Instead, take a step back, clear your head, and look for that “equal seed of opportunity.” If you can’t find it, create it. Impose your will and make it happen.

Here’s just one example of how this equal seed philosophy has helped change my life: my setback is forty-three years in prison.

What could possibly be EQUAL to that? The truth is, nothing. It’s simply too long. There’s no coming back from such a harsh blow. It’s over! I’m done. I quit!

Lucky for me, my mind doesn’t think that way. I believe in this philosophy with all of my heart, and I will create my equal seed of opportunity. Such as: sober living, healthy diet, exercising daily, straightening out priorities, self improving, and focusing on a positive life style. All those are great. But are they EQUAL to forty-three years in prison??? In my mind, the answer is NO. Not even close. The philosophy says there is an EQUAL SEED OF OPPORTUNITY. Forty-three years in prison is extraordinary. Therefore, my equal seed must also be extraordinary. So I came up with earning 47-60 million dollars over the next twenty years. Is that EQUAL to forty-three years in prison? I still say NO. But it definitely brings more balance to the equation. My goal to earn millions is already a definite plan, and the wheels are in motion. I now have definite purpose. I will not stop until I reach my goals.

What fuels me? How about a forty-three year prison sentence! The man in me now realizes how the boy in me altered my life forever. It angers me beyond belief. It now fuels my passion, and that is to do something extraordinary with my time here in prison. I refuse to take my incarceration in vain. I have to make this time work for me, not against me. I need redemption, for myself more than anyone. Once I achieve that, I will strive for redemption in the lives I have hurt. I have a strong desire to give back to all those I’ve hurt. No matter how big or how small, if I’ve ever hurt you, then you are a part of my redemptive mission. Please read my blog entitled “Saying Sorry Isn’t Enough.”

My passion to make millions has now become a healthy obsession. It’s the main topic of my conversations, thoughts, and dreams. It has consumed me in a healthy, positive way. It sets the bar of balance high. When I achieve financial success, I expect all my other personal characteristics, morals, and attributes to elevate along with it.

Without the hundreds of little details, my plan is really quite simple. I am writing prison literature, self publishing, and selling my work worldwide using the greatest marketing tool in the history of the world: Social Media. (aka: The Internet).

I am building my own publishing company called Stone City Publishing. My short term goals are to learn the publishing business by publishing my own books. My long term goals are to have hundreds of titles by dozens of inmate authors, all selling worldwide under my network of prison literature, AKA: Stone City Publishing.

My genre is one that has appeal to millions of people all over the world. PRISON! I will write and publish dozens of books. Here are my first five titles:

“Stone City…Life In The Penitentiary” – This book brings the reader deep inside prison society and truly exposes the realities of prison from my perspective. Stone City is full of pictures that were taken with illegal cell phones smuggled in by convicts.

“Chirpy…The Amazing Little Jail Jailbird” – This book is about a baby bird I saved & raised for fifteen months inside a max security prison. It’s a story you have to read to believe. Pictures included.

“101 Ways To Get Your Ass Kicked In Prison” – The title is self explanatory. Prison fights are wicked! Learn about what causes them, the weapons used, and the consequences.

“Prison Ink…The Art Of Hate” – This book is full of pictures showing off tons of prison tats. Learn how they’re paid for, what they stand for, and all the drama they cause.

“How I Made Millions In Prison” – This breaks down the entire process from the first idea to the first million dollars. I share philosophies and basic concepts as I build Stone City Publishing from behind bars.

My agenda is up front and simple. I’ve found my EQUAL SEED. It’s on!

If you have any Q’s or comments, feel free to respond and drop me a line.

Have a great day.
Steven Jennings

“With every setback there’s an equal seed of opportunity.”

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Saying “Sorry” Isn’t Enough

Back in 1994, I lost complete control of myself and my actions. Trapped in a self-induced drunken rage, I shot four young men and terrified countless bystanders. The pain I caused does not stop there. My actions also wounded the friends & family of those I hurt directly, and my own friends & family as well.

I take full responsibility for my actions. I blame no one but myself. I realize the magnitude of what I’ve done. I realize what I did was horrific, and to many…unforgivable.

With all my heart & soul, I am very sorry for all the pain that I’ve ever caused anyone. “I am so so so sorry.”

I know that saying sorry isn’t enough. There is nothing I can ever do to change the past, or to make things right. All I can do is serve humanity with kindness, love, and respect. With the spirit of a sorry heart, it is my desire to serve and to give back to all the lives that I have wrongfully affected.

As I write and sell books I will make money. A portion of all profits will go to the people who I’ve hurt. I’m not trying to buy forgiveness. I’m just trying to give back any way that I can. In addition to compensating the ones I’ve hurt, I will also make donations to the following charities:

* The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV)
* Families & Friends of Violent Crime Victims (Victim Support Services)

It is my true & sincere desire to live the rest of my life in peace, love, and harmony.

If you are due any compensation, please contact me and we’ll work it out.

Thank you.

Steven Jennings

Prison Softball

Wanna see how I run a softball team from the joint? Okay, here goes: First I submit a kite.


Then, once I officially have a team, I call a team meeting. We go over goals and philosophies.



Now we are just waiting for the rec staff to bring out the equipment. Meanwhile, I’m still tweeking the roster. Only 10 guys play. My roster is 15. That means “open tryouts.” Anyone can challenge for a spot on the field. The best player will earn that position. Some guys will have to ride the bench.

In the past, this decision has caused drama. That’s why I apply goals & philosophies to the system. It’s a great way to keep hostile players in line. If they continue to “break the code”, I remove them from the roster.

As of now, I have 3 competitions going on. They are competing for 1st baseman, pitcher, and 3rd baseman.

I’m excited! I love this time of year. I love my wife. I’m happy.

Wish me luck…

(to be continued…)