“See me for who I am, not where I am.”

Hello, my name is Steven Jennings. I am currently in prison serving a 43 year sentence. So how the heck am I blogging from in here? Great question. You’ll just have to read my blog titled “How I Blog From Prison.”

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A lot goes on behind prison walls. So I’ve decided to blog about my prison experience. On this site I’ll share short stories, poems, and whatever else comes to mind. I will even occasionally invite a fellow inmate to write a guest blog as well. Most my blogs will expose prison life how it is. I may have to change some names and details. But I hold nothing back.

It is my goal to completely expose this hidden society and make everything transparent. Some of the images I will share with you were taken by convicts using illegal cell phones that they smuggled in.

Here’s a little info about myself and my situation. I was born July 16, 1973 in Oxnard, CA, but raised in Everett, WA. I have always been a strong competitor as I played soccer and wrestled throughout my school years. I graduated from Cascade High School in 1993.

In 1994, at age 20, I plead guilty to 4 counts of 1st degree assault. My sentence was 43 years in prison. I have spent years reflecting on my past with sincere remorse. I have accepted my path with full and complete accountability. My mistakes can never be wiped clean, but I can learn and grow from them. My lengthy incarceration has given me true perspective on life and all that is important. Coming to prison has been like dying but still being alive to see my family grieve. It sucks!

While in prison I have studied Early Childhood Development to gain a better understanding of myself and to fulfill my vision of guiding at-risk youth before they end up in prison. I spend my days writing, working, exercising, playing sports and resting. I spend a lot of my time creating and developing Stone City Publishing. For more on that, read my blog titled: “With Every Hardship Comes An Equal Seed Of Opportunity”.

It is also my sincere desire to give back to my community, mankind, and to all the people who I’ve ever hurt. Please read my blog titled “Saying Sorry Isn’t Enough.”

Thank you for taking the time to visit this site. These bars will not stop me from sharing my knowledge, insights, and stories with you.


  1. Michael Scott Chambers

    Good on ya buddy. Good to see at least something good may come out of this. Keep it up.

    CHS 1991

  2. Gavin

    Always good to hear how you’re doing. I remember it like it was yesterday, which I’m sure feels like decades for you. Sucks. You are missed and thought of often. Keep up the personal growth and development. G~

  3. Lesly Vail

    I think what your doing is fantastic and look forward to reading the book :) My husband is serving a life bid for something he isnt totally to blame for . Three state troopers also went to prison for falsifying all evidence in his case and we still cant get people to listen . I met him already incarcerated in 91 and still together now with 15 year old twins <3 Thank you for being a voice in this situation of what its like to be behind "the wall". Best wishes from us both .

  4. Laura Shabel

    Got me all choked up! There is life after incarceration! Glad to see you making the very best of it.

  5. Darcy M. Allen

    Hey Steve, miss ya buddy! I chit chat with your mother and she watches Lexxa for me while I try to gather my thoughts and keep our company up and running! Hey I am ready for some dirt biking or building a fort like we did when we were little! Keep the positive flow going bro! I know how hard it is for you from being married to my husband being in and out! He was in Shelton for a while and Cedar Creek and a couple others! He is finally on his last leg of legal problems! I will keep reading as long as you keep writing! We are family and I look at you no less! Love ya! Darcy Enberg!!!! To the good ole days with the Jennings and Owens!

  6. Darcy M. Allen

    Sorry what is sm? I already am paying out the ass on GTL for Snohomish County but I will see what I can do?! Plus I am buying tickets from your mom for the RAIDERS v.s Seahawks….. lol can you tell I am a Raiders fan!!!! Your mom saves those for me! Such a sweetie! Chat soon!

  7. Wendy Cluff

    I see you’ve married my niece Suzie. I wish we had known what was going on. I live close enough to have attended the wedding. I would have liked that. Apparently every time she’s gone to see you she’s driven within 10 miles of my house and I never even knew. She looks and sounds happy. You have signed her up for a very hard life of waiting (I know, she agreed to it). Suzie is a a unique and tender person. Please be careful with her heart. If you really want to know about the rest of Suzie’s family try attending the L.D.S. church services on Sunday. Ask about eternal families. It may give you some insight as to how she was raised and the core beliefs that never really leave whether you live how you were brought up or not. I pray for the best for both of you.
    Wendy Cluff (Ti-Ti)
    The one who got Suzie to swim without floaties

    • Stone City...Life In The Penitentiary

      In the spirit of love and moving forward in life, I thank you for the kind words.
      I truly do recognize how unique Suzie is.
      I see all her wonderful qualities.
      I understand everything she has told me about herself and her family.

      My life is an open book. I am up front and honest.
      Please feel free to ask me anything.
      I’d like to get to know all of Suzies’ family. I have written a letter to everyone.
      Even you. You are the second one to reach out to me. I thank you for your kindness.

      If you would ever want to meet me in person, I would be open to that.


  8. Wendy

    I’d like to meet you some day too. Suzie told me that you’re going to the church service on Sunday. I hope you find it uplifting. My family and I live near Larch Mtn. Correctional facility. My husband went in on Sundays for years to teach there. He has responsibilities that won’t allow him to go up any longer but he really enjoyed serving the men there.
    My life is crazy hectic right now. We run a 24/7 restoration business and I’m going to school full time. I have a 16 year old son that got on the wrong side of the law. He was fortunate that charges were reduced to gross misdemeanor. But we’ve got a year of probation and I take him to rehab classes 3 days a week. I don’t know how long it takes to get approval for visiting but I might have time in a week or two. finals next week and then I have two weeks off for spring break.
    take care,

    • Stone City...Life In The Penitentiary

      Thank you for the comment and for waiting patiently for my reply. I’ve sent you a letter with a visiting form inside. Suzie will forward it to you.

      That’s too bad abt your son. But its good to hear he’s getting help. I know it must be hard for you as a mother. If you ever want to bring him up to see me, I can talk to him abt the dangers of criminal behaviors. It’s just an idea. Let me know. I’d love to help if possible. You never know what might touch him and give him a greater sense of focus.


  9. Michelle

    Hi Steven,
    I hope this finds you in good health, mind, body and soul. You say you are upfront and honest, just so happens so am I….warm smile….I first want to sincerely say your book moved me in many ways. At first I felt sad, then angry and now I am left feeling mad. I just couldn’t put it down, I had it dusted off in just over a day.

    I have never for the life of me understood violence. I don’t get how a person could get a “high” watching another suffer while looking into their eyes. Your book made me confront the dark side of the human race. I have to say as I was reading something stood out very clear to me. Early on in chapter three you wrote…. “I was a bad kid, but no one really knew how bad.” You weren’t bad, you aren’t bad, it was your actions! ( just felt the need to say it)

    I will be honest and say while you are only trying to show the reality of prison life, not only by the written word but pictures I have to wonder if it does more harm than good. Most people already believe you guys have it easy, too easy. Who wouldn’t when you talk about guys drinking, smoking, doing drugs, versing each other on linked play stations, accessing the internet etc and chatting all night. I just hope you follow the book up with another and tell a different story. One that talks about warehousing and the realities of rehabilitation of self inside the walls.

    I congratulate you on your efforts to become the man you always were………..

    • Stone City Blog

      Thank you for your honest feedback. I’m sorry it left you feeling mad. Yes, there will be more to come. That’s why I didn’t hold back. I wanted to show how it really was. How I really was. Alot of that was hard to write. It made me sick to really realize how I was. But it was also healing to some degree. All that is my past. I’m on a mission for my future. I have a supportive family, and a loving wife by my side. I will use my story to give hope to others. In order for one to see how far I’ve come, they must understand where I started from. That is the one reason why Stone City is the way it is. Again, I sincerely apologize for upsetting you. Thank you for the feedback. You have inspired me.

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