Zag don’t Zig

This will be one of the last times I write for about a week. On account of me going to Shelton soon. I’ll be sitting in the intake part of Sheltom prison for a couple days then I will be on my way to camp.
So I want to really reflect on the changes I have made to myself and how they came about.
The best way to make sure you never learn anything new, is to think you know everything. Keep an openmind and be willing to learn alternate ways on doing things. There’s more than one way to skin a cat.
NOTE: Do Not try to skin a cat
Think out of the box, innovation is key. Following the crowd leads to mediocrity. Find what is unique about you and use it to stand out in the goals you have.
Invest your time and stop spending your time. I find the best way to get all I can get at of each day. I can sleep when im dead.
I want to go back to the cartoon “Pinky and the Brain.” LMAO That little lab rat would never give up on taking over the world. He always failed. But, he’d wake up with a new paln on how to reach his goals. If it your dream, and its possible (taking over the worl is NOT possible), then don’t give up on it. Work on the steps to get to your goal ever day.

And aim for the stars, If you don’t make it to the stars atleast you’ll make it to the moon.

Jarvais Warren
DOC #353338


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