George Staten

My name is George Staten D.O.C #353-521. I am a young 25 year old, african american, 5 10′ with an athletic build. I am serving a sentence of 48 months and get out May 21, 2015. I’ve been down since December 28, 2013.

I am looking for an individual who is open minded, and ready to seize the opportunity at hand. Respectful, Loyal, and Honest. Someone who is not quick to judge a book by it’s cover and ready to take a chance like I did writing this brief. If so, here is the way to get in contact with me:

George Staten #353521
Airway Heights Correction Center
P.O. BOX 2049
Airway Heights, WA 99001

I don’t have any pics write now but you can look me up on Facebook by email ( or write to me and I’ll be sure to send you a picture. Please send a picture of yourself included. Also you can get on and message me through there and I will write you back as soon as possible.

Well I hope to hear from you and your interest in me. May God bless you with a day of smiles.

George Staten
DOC #353521


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