Ramone Echols

My name is Ramone Echols , and I’ve been locked now for 20 years . I was 19 when I came in , and I’ll be 40 this summer . I’m down to 45 months , and it seem like things are really getting harder the closer I get to going home . This is my first time using this as an outlet . I figured I might as introduce myself to those who don’t know me , and let those of you who do know what’s on my mind regularly these last 45 months of this time . As I prepare to make my return into society I’m seeing black men are being gunned down at an alarming rate, and that has me thinking . What happens if I get stopped ? I’m on gang file , with tattoos , and I’m a convicted felon . Not just a convicted felon , but a convicted murderer . The media is always trying to find excuses to justify why the shootings happen , and no matter what the videos are showing they continue to try to justify the B*ll$h!+ . Will my past be the reason my mother , children , siblings , and future wife , have to get a ” just in case ” insurance policy ? Is it fair to them that my past will be the green light for me to become a Michael Brown , Timir Rice , and now a Walter Scott ? Not at all , and I can’t blame nobody but myself . I refuse to allow that to be the excuse for me to get out on some b*ll$h!+. So , with that being said , I’m going to end this by saying Morgan Tuck – Bolingbrook High School , National Champion UConn , and Jahlil Okafor ,Whitney Young High School ( Chicago ) , National Champion Duke . Illinois in the building , Chi-Town . Congratulations !!!!

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548


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