Jen, Joe And A Prison Phone


To keep Joewriteshiswrongs alive and thriving it takes tons of time and also money spent on phone calls.

I probably call Jen 6 times a day and that’s just in relation to Joewriteshiswrongs.

Then, add to that a couple of personal calls thrown in the mix and it’s easy to see how it takes some serious dedication on all fronts to keep up with this as well as any and everything else.

Especially, for Jen.

I mention all of that to give you a better understanding of the relentless work and sacrifice Jen and I both put into Joewriteshiswrongs on a daily basis. And also to give Jen a little more recognition because at times I often get so wrapped up in trying to create something awesome from prison- that I often forget to recognize Jen for all of her hard work and dedication specifically.

Jen is the link…

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