I’m taking this communications course, and it’s ran by a very kind individual whose job description is to work with communities and get us employed when we are released. And some definitely need more help than others. It’s great to have programs like this, to give prisoners tools like how to act in an interview, how to write a resume, and so on. And I’ve found that a lot of guys genuinely lack these skills. But they have a need to try, and that’s the necessary first step. Unfortunately, the statistics are not with most of them, and the environment of prison otherwise has a tendency to erase any progress they may have gained. And that’s where I think individualism comes in. The power of the individual mind. Programs and classes a great, but if you don’t change yourself inside, what it as about you that led you to a criminal mindset, then they’re not going to help. It all has to start within.

Daniel Turner
DOC #767569


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