Mother’s Day


Before I begin I would like to start by telling y’all that every morning when I wake up there’s always a song in my head . I start my day by listening to that song , and setting the tone for the day . So I’ll be sharing my song of the day from here on out starting today , and my song of the day is : Dru Hill – Love’s Train .

Now , with Mother’s Day in a few days You know I have to speak on my mother . Where do I begin . My Momma is a beautiful woman . She’s a strong woman . A smart woman . A loyal woman . A driven woman . A honest woman . An in your face woman . She has two kids , but if you didn’t know me and my sister Shay , and you didn’t know how many children she has you would swear she has about eight . We worked her nerves ! She once told me that she wanted another child , but she couldn’t deal with another one of us . So she exercised her right to take birth control , and Shay & I aren’t mad about it cause sometime there’s not enough room in her life for just the two of us . She won’t admit it , but we still work her nerves . No matter what we do she always has our back 110% , right , wrong , or indifferent . If we’re wrong she’ll get on us , but not in public . She taught us to take no bs from anybody , and stand firm in what we believe in . She even instilled the spirit of a hustler in us , cause no matter how bad things were she made ends meet . I have no complaints about my momma , and even if I did what went on in our house stay in our house . I Love you Dearly Momma . Happy Mother’s Day .

Now with that being said , I’ll leave y’all with this : Cherish your mothers cause we only get one . Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there . Enjoy your day .

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day”

  1. You’re able to think about your mother as just another person, trying to survive, instead of simply, your mother, and this brings the understanding and forgiveness I’m reading between the lines. I’m sure even the hellish memories can be revisited later, for rich writing material and new insights about what it was like for you, your mother, and your sister. You could write it as fiction, instead of memoir, and change the drama, to protect loyalties but still allow yourself to explore that old pain.

    Nice post, I like your writing style.

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