It kind of bugs me when people say, in response to some terrible event, that “everything happens for a reason.” Of course they’re correct in the sense that there is such a thing as cause and effect, so there IS a reason for everything. But that’s not what they mean; they mean that every bad thing is still a part of some wonderful plan of a benevolent master, and they use that to give themselves comfort. Setting aside the utter lack of evidence for this, or the clear wishful-thinking nature of it, I find it monstrously short-sided. There is simply far too much suffering and horror in the world (and not just from humans treating each other badly, though there is certainly plenty of that) to take this seriously. Especially since we aren’t even allowed to look at this “plan” and see what kind of sense it is supposed to make. Further, it is up to the human mind to figure out how to prevent and alleviate as much of this suffering as we can (and we continue to get better at this as we learn more about the world with science); we should never chalk it up to some divine plan. And if it is divine, then we’re fighting it, and we’re doing better than it.

Dan Turner
DOC# 767569


2 thoughts on “HAPPENING FOR A REASON”

  1. Several of my family are scientists. In their own field of science, they are limited to studying one particular area – chemistry or botany or physics – but the more they study it, the more they become aware of its relation to other areas. So, the study of plants leads them to awareness of environment, climate, etc – even politics, ethics, medicine, astronomy … The human mind can’t take in how everything works together in every moment of time. Many scientists say they are aware of a wider pattern linking everything, and have no doubt that even the smallest physical event influences the whole sphere of material existence. But to see the whole pattern is beyond any one human being. For me, that ties in with Jesus saying that God’s plan is for everything to become one – working together with him, not everyone pursuing their own ambition – and that this leads human beings into the fullest expression of life.

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  2. I don’t actually think everything is God’s perfect plan and things will work out. I listened to a sermon from Timothy Keller they other day – brilliant preacher! You should listen to some of his podcasts if you can, he is from your neck of the woods (I mean the US rather than specifically). Because we are in a flawed world, things fall apart. The promise is NOT if you love God, then good things will happen to you. But if you love God, God will work out the bad things for good in all its totality. A bit hard to understand – I don’t even have my head around it yet! But I think the bottom line is possibly… everything that happens in our life is for good, ie the pain, suffering, etc is making us more like him, and the best is yet to come – heaven! I think I am explaining this pretty poorly, but hopefully you get my drift.


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