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This next article I present to you my friends, is quotes from Jeff Kukucka who is a Assistant Professor of Psychology at Towson University:

>”The forensic sciences encompass a broad range of disciplines whose ‘scientific’ basis was recently scrutinized & deemed inadequate by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), which noted forensic errors can & do lead to the convictions of innocent people.””More than half the 300+ cases in the Innocence Project’s database of DNA exonerations included unreliable or improper forensic science evidence, and last July, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) launched a review of over 21,000 FBI cases to determine if flawed forensic work has contributed to other wrongful convictions.””Surely some of these errors are attributable to deliberate fraud or negligence, as illustrated by recent scandals in Boston & New York City.””Decades of psychological research has consistently shown that humans exhibit “confirmation biases” in decision-making; that is to say, we naturally gather, interpret, & create new evidence in biased ways that support what we believe.””Along these same lines, we propose that forensic analysts who posses an a priori belief in a suspect’s guilt are vulnerable to forensic confirmation biases that render them to see evidence as incriminating-EVEN WHEN IT IS NOT.”<

In a couple other articles in this series, we examined how false witnesses lead to convictions.

We now have Mr. Kukucka explaining to us how “professionals” who are supposed to uphold the law & seek the truth, also fabricate evidence & falsely witness.

Maybe Mr. Kukucka is MINIMIZING the forensic scientists actions by saying it is not always intentional, but I disagree.

I am no expert, but I have studied law from prison for years, I have read thousands of cases, watched hundreds of episodes of “Forensic Files” & listened first hand to fellow people in prison whose cases involved forensics.

I know that usually forensic evidence is tested multiple times, in many cases by more than one source, including independent labs.

If there is not multiple testing, then that is INTENTIONAL NEGLIGENCE on the part of the forensic scientists.

So how do these “experts” & “professionals” become negligent when they have years of training & chains of commands of supervisors that are supposed to go over the findings &
procedures/methods they used in order to make sure it’s accurate?

Because forensic scientists are working in cahoots with the police & prosecution to secure convictions at ALL COSTS!!!

We automatically assume that because these scientists are “trusted” experts they can do no harm & do no wrong, & that whatever “findings/conclusions” they
come to are accurate.

That leads to the general public to being blinded by “titles” scientific terms, numbers, probalities & assuming the person is “guilty” only because an “expert” says so.

Thanks for your time!!!


Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350



  1. I read a very interesting article from Frontline a couple years ago where even DNA can be questionable-especially since they are not sure how it is transferred all the time. One man they spoke about was arrested for murder, when he had really been in the hospital at the time of the incident. The EMTs had not cleaned the oxygen finger sensor, and his DNA transferred to that of the dead man whom they used the same sensor on later. He spent several months in jail before they figured out what had happened…thankfully-despite a very good alibi.
    Keep up with your studies…..


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