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A Letter To My Earth

Hello everyone! It has been quite a journey for me these last few months and I am currently working on a book that is a compilation of writings that I have written over the last couple years. Here is a taste of what I have in store. This piece is called “A LETTER TO MY EARTH”

Here’s a letter to my earth producer of life, she came after knowledge so her wisdom is right.
Live full, live proud because there are none other that measure, her beauty, her strength, or the boldness of her color.
A queen amongst the rest of the planets in the system, as we build or destroy to strengthen our kingdom.
Her womb is the cipher where understanding is born, where the seed is planted and life is formed.
I also call her my moon cause she emulates my light, for I am the sun and together we shine bright.
Cee I power her through the mathematical laws, so she ensures that our stars grow to be Earths or Gods
Her water is pure, that eternal elixer, another substance of life within her divine nature.
My Earth, my Queen, my Moon, my Wisdom. Our Mothers, our Sisters, our Loves we embrace them.
The black woman is the title she is most familiar, yet by definition she is all of these, so know there is nothing purer.
To show and prove the perfection of her creation, knowledge without wisdom could never create understanding.
So love your Earth and cherish her existence, reinforce the foundation and stand together with vigilance…

Let me know what you think and I am open to all feed back and criticism. You can reach me at
1313 N 13TH AVE
Or through JAYPAY.COM

Anthony Covert
DOC #335988


Ironically enough today we were locked down due to a multi- man fight in one of our closed custody units here at Walla Walla Penitentiary.

As I sat in my cell writing a letter I turned my TV to the local news station. As I wrote I would periodically look up at the screen. I just so happened to see flashing along the bottom of the screen that our facility was locked down due to a riot.

This incident happened not even a whole 3 hours before the local news station had already broadcast the event.

It’s apparent that the chaos that happens in here is a must broadcast event. Whatever the reason why must it always be some negative event that illuminates the Penitentiary.

Granted there is a lot of violence that occurs within these walls and fences but that is not all that happens.

Last year Walla Walla Community College graduated over 20 inmates through various college classes that were offered here at the facility.

Yet no one wants to broadcast that nor bring light to the possibility that maybe just maybe there is more than just riots, staff assaults, and sexual assaults that occur in prison.

The fact of the matter is the Department of Corrections doesn’t receive as much funding for positive programming as they do for security and violence within the system.

Something about this picture isn’t right? This year alone multiple Associate Art Degree courses and other vocational classes were cut due to the lack of funding.

How can DOC expect us as inmates to take the initial steps to better ourselves if they keep cutting the positive programing out of there systems?

For instance I used my platform in Toastmasters to create a video speaking on the positive programing that inmates with excessive time are getting involved with to re- create who they are and better themselves.

I had my mom put the video onto YouTube. com to help bring awareness to the fact that Washington state does not have a parole board for offenders and that there are some men in here that if given a second chance they would be successful members of society.

After creating this video I was put into the segregation units under investigation that I compromised staff and made this video illegaly.

Which there reasoning for doing so was the fact that someone in some office somewhere wasn’t aware that this video was created and that the production of it was questionable.

Upon there investigation they concluded that I had went through all proper channels in order to create and send out the video. I was then informed that the program Toastmasters would be discontinued because of this incident and is no longer an available program to participate.

My personal belief is that DOC responded in retaliation format due to the fact they were unable to receive credit for the content of the video. Therefore they discontinued the program to prevent the possibility of another person voicing the fact that we are more than just an inmate with a number we are men with a story.

If you would like to contact me and discuss this topic further you can contact me at:

WA 219
1313 N. 13 AVE
Walla Walla WA 99362
Or on

Anthony Covert
DOC #335988


Throughout my time in prison I have made countless attempts to reach out to the community and to my many efforts my voice has fallen on deaf ears.

As a man trying to make a change in his life it seems that no matter how many steps forward I take I can never escape the reality of my dreadful past. It’s as if I were walking on a treadmill.

How do I show to the community that my efforts to change and become a better man are genuine without the automatic assumptions that it’s all apart of some major sceem of manipulation?

If I told you that if I were released today that I would be able to be a functioning and civil member of society would you believe me?

What if I told you that during my stay I have learned how much my crime affected all parties involved and if I could do it all over I would have done it differently. Would you believe me or would you just write it off as just another inmate trying to work the system.

It’s unfortunate that a lot of society today draws the assumption that a man trying to better himself or if he shows remorse for his crime it comes off nothing more than a play for his freedom.

Yet isn’t that the goal of our Justice system? It seems that the freedom part has been left out. You see young men coming in to the system at a young age with a sentence so long that the idea or hope of ever getting out is so little that most give in and accept that this concrete jungle is now there permanent placement.

Yet you have few that have that excessive amount of time with little hope of release and are still trying to figure out a way to become a better person than what they came in as.

Nobodies perfect and we all make mistakes but don’t allow our past transgressions cloud your judgment from extending out and just even talking to an individual that is incarcerated.

You may discover that not all of us in here are just looking to get one over but unfamiliar with popular belief there are a few that really do want to change for the better. Don’t let a piece of paper define me! Let me show you who I am.

Thank you for your time and if you would like to open a dialogue contact me at:

Anthony Covert
DOC #335988

Anthony Covert

Hello my name is Anthony covert. I am currently serving a 450 month sentence at Walla Walla State Penitentiary. I made my mistakes to get here but I have chosen to recreate myself and began the process of elimination with the thought process that got me here. I have been actively involved with the education programs, working, and other vocational courses that have been offered at my facility. I was recently the secretary for our Toastmasters International Club. During my participation of that program I received my CC and CL which are my Competent Communicater and Competent Leadership certificates. I have currently collaborated with another inmate as co- writers for a curriculum for troubled youth that will also be completed soon. My stand has also been on trying to help bring awareness to the inmates that are also currently incarcerated that are making the conscious efforts to better themselves aswell. I compiled a video that has a few guys stories and there fight for a second chance at society. The name and link of the video is https://YouTube/DE-SveUvGY or Toastmasters Video Project second chances. You can find the video on or by going to my moms Facebook page My hope is to change the image of men that are incarcerated and that they are more than just what’s on there rap sheet. Unfortunately society is mainly subjected to the intense and extreme events that do occur in prison but what they don’t show on the news or report about is how a group of men can take the initiative to participate in positive prison programing. These men don’t want to change for the show of it all but they want to change for themselves. Please check out the video and I will except any feed back on it. Thank you for your time and if you have any questions or would like to contact me you can find me at:

WA- 219
1313 N. 13th Ave
Walla Walla Wa 99362
You can also correspond with me through

Anthony Covert
DOC #335988