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Chapter 7

“OH YEAH!” “OH SHIT!” “YES!” “YES!” “Fuck!”
Tammy’s body was shaking uncontollably, her eyes opned
up real wide, “Tammy climaxing hard!” It was my first time
having sex, and i was thinking what the fuck is wrong with
this chick. “I was going in on Tammy hard!” I did exacty what
I’d seen these porn stars do, and Tammy was loving it!

(my boy got ahold to some of
his uncles porn tapes, and we watch them when his people
were at work, thats how i kinda knew what to do)

This girl is scaring the shit out of me! I did’nt know what the
fuck was going on, “she’s shaking and yelling”
Then all of a suden I get this strange feeling,
and my heart is feeling like it’s skiping beats,
I don’t know what the fuck is going on!

I push myself off of Tammy, I look down and see this
fluid comming out of my dick.
Tammy look at me and said, “you’re a man now
little nigga”

I was thinking “WOW!” I just got my first nut.
Tammy was still laying on her back, she grab my
arm and pulled me back on top of her and said, a real
man can go twice. We strated kissing and before you
know it Tammy cussing and shaking again.

Tammy was my first, but far from my last.
I was getting it in like once a week. Tammy told
her friend Shannon how good the sex was and
now Shannon comming over to my house with some weed
and a bottle of Thunderbird with a pack of Koolaid in it.

(Thunderbird is a really strong wine, and it “taste like shit,”
but if you put a pack of Koolaid in it, then it taste like Koolaid)

Now Shannon is tall thick black girl who likes to fight
when she drinks. So we are sitting on my mothers
couch drinking Thunderbird and smoking weed. Shannon
ask me if i want to see her pussy. I was like lets see it!
She took off her panties, and i was like dam! Shannon had
a big ass pussy! It looked like a big peach cut in half.
The shit was a little to much for me. I said what the fuck is
that? She said you like that?

I really did’nt know what to think,
the shits huge! I feel like i want to run, but i just sat there
looking at it. She said come here. So i moved a little closer.
Then she took all her cloths off and came and sat right on top
of me, and we started kissing. As were kissing she started
unbutting my pants. Dam this girl is soaking wet, she kissing me
harder and harder.

She pulls my shirt off, and
She finlly get my manhood out, and she
Pushed my manhood inside her. I feel all this wet stuff
shoot all over my stomach. I’m thinking what is that?
This girl grinding me hard, and this wet shit shooting
out of her. She starts moning hard, i can see she “climaxing”
her climaxing is getting me excited.

“Oh Shit!” here comes that feeling again.
My body going crazy! My like “fuck” the feeling so fucking intence!
Shes going hard now, and i’m sokeing wet from all her juices.
“Boom” her it comes. I yelled “fuck!” It was the best feeling
I ever felt. She knew i had came. She smiled and said it’s good
hu? I just wanted to go take a shower, the shit was nasty to me
at the time. She got dressed and i ran up to the bathroom to
take a shower. When i got out the shower she was gone.

Shit started going real bad at my house. Drug trafic all through
the night, there were fights, and people getting shoot. The
Police kicked in our door, and found a bunch of dope. Took
everybody to jail, including me.

My mother blamed me for everything, and gave me up to
the State. I’ll ever forget the day child protective service
cam and took me away.

It was a real nice day out, and nobody was at my house.
I was thinking how could i get some money. The cops took
all my dope and all my money. Daimond was in jail and
I did’nt have any other connection who would give me
dope up front.

All of a suden i hear a car pull up. I go look out the widow
and my mom is getting out the back seat of a cop car.
She’s pointing at the house, while talking to the cops.

My mother comes in the house with this white lady.
She yells for me to come down stairs. “Andy!”
Bring yo ass down here!

I came donw the stairs, and she starts yelling,
“I’m tired of all your shit!” You need to go with
these people.

The lady started talking, she said Anthony we have
a safe place for you. You’ll be around other kids
and when things get better with your mother
you csn come back home.

I was like “FUCK YOU!” and tried to run, but the cops cought
me and drug me to the car with the lady.
I was hurt, my mother gave me away.

I hated her for that.

They took me to this shelter for kid that was at
the downtown Y.M.C.A

I was kicking and screaming “NO TAKE ME BACK HOME!”
I was so scared. They locked me in a room. I kicked
and bang on the door. I just wanted to go home.

Anthony Herod
DOC #703840


ANDY GIVE ME THAT GUN! Thats what my kindergarten
teacher Ms. King was yelling, when she caught me shooting at
a crow that was siting on a telephone poll. (I was like dam
I missed!) She was still yelling come her boy! I took off
Running through the park. She never called the police.
But she did go and tell my mother.

So when i got home latter that day my mother ran up
on me and was like “BOY!” YOU GOT A GUN?!
I was like “NO!” She said nigga if i find a gun i’m going
To “kill your little ass!” Ms. King came to the house and
said she saw you shooting at some birds in the park
right outside the school.

I was like mom that was’nt me! I was at Sunny’s house working
on his bike. (we stoled bikes from the other
side of town and took off the best parts of the bikes,
spray paint the parts and put them on our bikes.
That way if the cops or if some one seen our bike
they wound’nt notice that it was their parts on our
bikes) She said if i catch you with a gun, i’m going
to beat you so bad you’ll never be able to walk again!
I sware on my right hand to God, boy you better not have
a gun! “Mom” i don’t got one, i sware!
Ok you better not!

Man i can’t let this lady catch me with this gun!
She’ll really goimg kill me. I beleaved her when she said
that she would kill me.

My mom started smoking crack real thugh after all that
shit happen, so she really never gave a fuck what
I did after that. My home boy Diamond gave me a
fat sack of crack cocain, and said just give me a
hundred bucks, “little homie”. I was like yep!

I maid like three hundred dollars off that sack of crack.
I gave Diamond his money and showed him how much
money i maid off the dope he gave me. He smiled
and gave me a hug, and said what you going to do with
all that money?

“I was like” “shit!” i don’t know.
What should i do with it? He said, you should
put some up and spend a little on a some cloths.
He gave me another sack of crack, and said this is
Twice of what i gave you last time, you should make
a killin off this one. He also said not to take it all with
me at once, to put some up just incase something happen.

I did just what he said, and made the most money
I’ve ever seen in my life. I had about six hundred dollars,
and i felt like i was “RICH!” at the age of twelve.

All i did was sell dope. I even sold dope
right out my house in the projects. My mother
was happy there was some dope in the house,
and she got to smoke with everybody who came to
cop. I gave her some to keep her off my back from
time to time. (now that i think about it, the shit was
all messed up, but thats how my life was growing
up in the projects.)

One day i was outside the gym selling dope right on
12th ave with some of my friends, a crackhead
walked up to me and said he wants a twenty dollar
rock. So i look around to see if there was any cops watching,
No one was looking so i pulled out my sack of crack,
and this fucking crack’head grab it and tried to run off
with it!

Crazy Cuz seen what had happen, and the crackhead tried to
run right by him. Crazy cuz stuck his lag out and trip him.
The crack head feel dead on his face. I was right behind
him when he hit the ground. He tried to get to his
feet but it was to late! I jump on his back, and Crazy Cuz
punched him hard right on the side of his head,
spliting the man eye open. I had him in a head lock.
He had the crack sack in his had, and i was trying
to get him to let go of it.

I kept saing let go of my shit!
Crazy Cuz just kept punching him. He would not let go!
Some of the other kids came over and started beating his
ass. He was bleeding all over the place, but he would
not let go the that crack until somebody kicked him
so hard it knock him out! Man i had blood all over me.

I pulled my sack from his hand, and some man
started yelling “I’M CALLING THE POLICE!
I ran home and got out of those bloody ass cloths
took a shower, and went right back to selling crack.

Now there was this beautiful older girl name Tammy.
Tammy was the first girl i’ve ever had sex with.
I’ve kiss a girl, and played mommy and daddy,
but never have i ever had sex with a girl until

Tammy was sixteen and i was thirteen, at the time.
I was really cute kid and all the girls wanted
to play in my curly hair, and walk with me where ever
I went. Now that i was making money and dressing
like it, girls wanted to see if they could get, some.

This girl Tammy was really hot!, she a black girl with long
hair, She about 5’5, 130 lbs with a really nice ass.
All the guys wanted to get with her but she always played
hard to get.

Tammy came over to my house one night, i could tell
she had been drinking. She sat down on the couch
and told me to come sit next to her. So i did, and she
laid back and prop up her right leg on back of the couch
she licked her lips, and ask me if i wanted to kiss her.
I said you know i do, and she grab my head and pulled my towards
her face, and started kissing me.

I noticed she had her
had in her pants and she was rubbing her self. She took
her hand from her pants and was pulling on my rock hard
erection. I never had a girl touch me like that before
and i was loving it!

She pulled her pants down to her butt, and i took them
off the rest of the way. She did’nt let me take off her
panties. So i sat up on the couch watching her licking,
her lips, and she pushed her hand donw her panties
and started rubbing her self again. I was watching
her stairing at me while playing with her self. She
look to be “climaxing!”

She was shaking and moaning,
and licking her lips hard. She grab my belt unbutten
my pants and pulled out my man hood. Then we heard the front
door open. I was like “o’shit!” It’s
My mom!

We scrambled to get dressed. But it was to late!
My mother was comming down the stairs. She seen Tammy
pulling up her pants and said “what the hell you two
doing!?” She strated laughing and said my lil man is
trying to get his whistle wet.

I was just anout to get my first pice of ass, and here
comes mom, busting up my little Tammy party.
Tammy gave my a kiss and said next time we can
go to my house, i have a lock on my door.
I was made as hell!

Two weeks later i was over Tammy’s house trying to
Lose my virginity. It was crazy what Tammy wanted
me to do to her!

“To Be Continued”


A Note to the readers: This is a story of how my life
was growing up, and i do not engage in this type of
thinking nor do i engage in this type of activity.
Everything i do now is for the love and respect i have
for life and the love and respect i have for others.
I choose success not ignorance. Love, understanding, and
Knowledge, is the key to having success and happiness
in ones life. Open up your hearts and help those who
may need you, and one day the univers will bless you
for it!

Anthony Herod
DOC #703840

Making That Music



Making That MusicI - AH


Anthony Herod
DOC #703840


The year 1987 I was thirteen, when i got my frist gun.
Crack Cocain strated surging through our neighborhood
like the plague.

There was so many people getting high, it was crazy!
Thats when the gang wars started.

The first gang to penetrate our projects was the LA Bloods.
Two of their members went by Skinny and Black.

They brought a ton of cocain up from LA, and they
needed a place to push all that dope. They just so,
happen to find the Yesler Terrace project.

Alot of people did’nt like the fact that these LA
Boy’z were trying to take over our neighborhood,
but at the same time they had alot of cheep dope.

No one eles could beat thir price. So they let
them do their thing, until a girl name name Cookie
got on the phone and called her cusin who is
a big time Crip from Compton Ca, whos name
is TB.

TB is a Crip from Eastside Santana Block Gangster Crip
Comming staite out of Compton. He’s a Bad Mother Fuck’a
you really don’t want to fuck with!

Now Skinny and Black won over all the kids from
the neighborhood by giving out hand full’s of dope
to get you started. They knew you had to come see
them if you wanted to re’up. They had the hood
Sold up.

Yep thats who i got my first dope sack from,
The Bloods. Little did eveybody know there
days were numberd….

It was about ten o’clook on a friday, when all you heard
was Boom Boom Boom! Pop Pop Pop! Tat Tat Tat Tat Tat Tat!
It was a shoot out right in the midle of the street.

TB and his boy’s blasted Skinny and Black’s Ass.
They ran them niggas right up out of the hood.

The next day everybody showed up at the gym to
talk about what was going on. The word was Skinny and
Black was in hinding. The Crips was to strong of a force
to be recond with.

TB and his crew, strait killers!
They came about ten strong, and they all
had guns.

The next night the crips came back, all ten of
them. They stood by the gym, they had there blue
bandanas on their heads and hagging from the back
left pocket of there pants. They look like they ment

At the age of thirteen i was’nt scared of no one, so i
rode my bike over to TB and said you niggas chased
off Skinny and Black? He was like yeah why? With a mean
ass look on his face.

I said those niggas is ho’s! They let you niggas run them
off. TB stop “Crazy Cuz” from beating me up for what
I just said. Crazy Cuz is one of TB home boy’z.

TB looked at me and strated laughing, then he
said i like you lil nigga! Whats your name? I said
Andy! He said i’ma call you Snow Man! I was like Snow Man?
He was like you’re a half white nigga, so i’m calling you
Snow Man.

He handed me a bottle that was in a paper bag, and said
here sipp this. I took a big ass drink, and started coughing,
and choking! And i had a fucked up look on my face.

TB and his boy’z was laughing at me hard. I was like
Fuck You niggas! And rode off on my bike.
TB was yelling come back little cuz! We was just playing!
I just kept riding sceaming “Fuck You Niggas!”

The very next day i was back at the gym waiting to see
if TB and his crew was comming back. I like those
dudes. And yep they came back. When they walked over
to the gym they had a duffel bag full of guns! They open
the bag and strarted handing out guns to everybody
in there crew. I was like let me get one of those?
One of them said naw little nigga you not from our

They had all kinds of guns. When i seen a big ass shot gun,
I was like i want one of those right there my nigg!
They had a uzi, big ass hand guns, and some shot guns.

TB said yall get ready becaues those slob niggas is
supose to be comming back to put in work. (When he
said slob he was talking about Black and Skinny. Slobs
is what crips call bloods.

TB barked, everybody get in postion! TB told me to
put my bike behind the dumpster, and hide behind one
of those cars. He was loading up his gun, and i knew he
ment business.

I got behind the first car i could find. “HERE THEY COME!”
Some yelled. I watched this car comming down the block
real slow, with the head lights out.

All the crips niggas were hinding behind cars, and this
brick wall at the front of the gym.
As soon as the car got close, i see one of the bloods
pop out of the back seat passenger side window,
with a shot gun. He said “FUCK YOU CRABS!”
and strated blasting! All the crips strated popping up
from all over, and blasting those fools!

It sounded like a real war was going on. My heart was
beating so fast i felt sick. I’m not going to say what
happen next.

(I don’t want to get anyone caught up
for some old ass shit. But i can say, “it was a bad,”
for those blood niggas.)

I strarted hagging out with TB cusin whos
name is “Diamond”. Diamond took me under his
wing. He taught me how to drive a car, and he showed
me how to shoot a gun.

I did’nt have nice cloths growing up in the project
at the time. So Diamond took me shopping
for cloths, and shoes. I look just like a true crip.
All blued out! All i needed now, was to get jumped in,
and i’ll be a full fleg crip.

The day was comming for me to get my beat down, and
to be jumped in to the gang. It happen on a hot ass day.
I’ll never forget it! Diamond came by my house and said
I got something for ya lil cuz. Come to the
car and get it. (I was thinking) what’s this dude got?
We hot to the car and he pop the trunk, and said look
in here! I looked in the trunk and there was a shinny
six shot 38′ Smith & Western.

I was like “thats mine?!” He said, “hell yeah!” But he colse
the trunk and said walk with me over to the
park so i can talk to you about it. So we walk to
the park. I see TB and all the homies at the
park. Diamond said to me are you ready?
I really did’nt know what he was talking about,
until he punched me in the mounth, and Crazy Cuz
picked me up from behind and slamed me on the ground.
I got up mounth bleeding, act like i was going to punch
Diamond in his face, he ducked and i kick him
dead in his dick! Drop him! Crazy Cuz grab me and
slamed me on the ground again, heald me down and
everyone got there licks in.

I only weighed like 95 pounds. I took the beat down
like a man. But i was only 13 years old.
“I was all fucked up!” But right after it happen TB
pulled me off the ground and gave me a big hug
and said you from “Santana Block Crip gang Now”
Handed me a bottle of E&J wisky and said drink up
Snow Man. Diamond went to the car and got the
shinny 38′ Smith & Western and “this is yours cuz!”


Anthony Herod
DOC #703840

Chapter 4


I was twelve years old when i got my first
twenty dollars, and that twenty dollars came from
a prostitue name Tina that worked the strip of
12th and Yesler.

Now Yesler avenue is a big ass hill that runs east to west.
Pire 51 is where Yesler starts (A.K.A. The Puget Sound)
and it sits in the heart of downtown seattle. Yesler runs straight
up one of the bigest hills in the city, wich has
three peaks go all the way to Lake

Now inbetween Pire 51 and Lake Washington is some of the
toughest Neighborhoods in Seattle Wa. Were talking about dope
dealers, dope feens, pimps, and some of the toughtest
ganstas in the state.

I lived on the top, of the first peak on yesler hill, wich is
12th avenue. Now 12th avenue over looks most of downtown
Seattle. And it sits smack down in the middle of
the Yesler Terrace Projects.

Now 12th and Yesler at the time, was one of the most
notrious ho strolls in Seattle. Pimps call it the track.
The track is where prostitutes walk the streets
to make money.

So one day me and my boy Sunny were skipping school
walking down 12th to go to the little
neighborhood store calld Tomboys to play video games
and posibly steal some candy or some wine, wich they
kept right next to the video games.

why they kept the wine
next to the video games? Who knows, they were dumb for
that. We took that shit every day.

Candy and alcohol is what
moved us when we were12 years old.
Maybe some weed if we could
hustle up a few bucks, but mostly alcohol and candy.
“Hey” the shit was damn near free.

On the way to the lilttle neighborhood store,
there was a prostitute standing on the
corner of 12th and Yesler waving at cars. She looks to
be about 20 years old, white girl, super pretty, 5’10 with jet
black hair.

As i looked at her, i started thinking,
why is she working this corner? (I felt like
i ownd 12th and Yesler at 12 years old) So i walked up to her and
said “bitch” “what are you doing!” She looked at me like she
was in shock, (like what is this little boy talking about)

She popped her head back and said “getting money!”
And why you want to know little pretty nigga?
She probably thought the shit was funny, But i could see she
was intriged by my bold but honest qusetion.
I said because this is my block you getting money on!
And if you want to work this block i need twenty bucks!

She look at me and said what am i going to give
you twenty dollars for? I said because you’re working
my block girl! She said i’ll give you twenty dollars
if you walk up and down the street with me.

I said o.k. give it here.
She gave my the money and smiled, and said i like you,
whats you’re name cutie? I said “Andy!”
She said they call me Tina. The pretty prostitute
grab me by the hand and said now earn
that twenty dollars little sexy man!

We walked a few blocks, she waved at a few cars.
One car pulled over. She said go wait for me at
the bus stop. I’ll be right back.

I was like yep see you when you get back.
She walk up to the car, stuck her head in the window
said something to the man inside the car.
She shook her head like she was in agreement
with whatever they were discussing. Then she got in
the car.

They took off towards a dead end right down 10th avenue.
I said to my boy Sunny lets go see what the fuck
there doing. He said there probably fucking!

Now theres a back way to the dead end ally behind
the community center gym. The commuity center
gym sets right on 12th and if you go behind the gym
and jump over a fence, you land right in the back ally
of 10th avenue. There are a few cars and a grabage
dumpster in the ally.

Look theres the car right there! The cars is parked right
behind a big green garbage dumpster. As we are walking
up to the car, we can see Tina riding the man, sliding up
and down on the man in the front seat of the car.

Then all of a suden the man pulled her by the hair and
threw her in the passenger side of the front seat
and starts punching her in the face!
I was like “OH SHIT!” Sunny grab that stick,
i’ll get that rock! I pulld the door open on the side he was
attcking her on.

The man looked up at me and his eyes opened up
real wide. I hit that man as hard as i could with that
rock, and Sunny came crashing down right on his head
with the stick at the same time. The man slid face first
on to the cement, and as he was going to the cement
i landed a kick right to his face! Sunny fallowed with
another big wack from his stick. The man was out cold!

Tina crawled out of the car and “she kicked him in
the head” and said “YOU PICE OF SHIT!”

She barked at me. “Grab that motherfucks shoes!”
So i grab his shoes. She pulled the mans pants off
and went through his pockets. Found his walet,
took the money out and threw the walet in the

She walk over to the car grab her panties out of the
front seat, steped into them, pulled them up on her
ass and said, that son of a bitch was going to kill me!
she walk over to me and Sonny and gave us a big hug.
Then she had the money in her hand and gave us some
It was only twenty five dollars,
but shit, that was alot of money to us at the time.

The man started making grunting sounds like he was
starting to wake up. She said i’m going to teach this
pice of shit a leson for putting his hands on me.
She took the mans underware, shirt, and even his socks.
Threw them in his car and said,
“I’ma let this bitch run neked through these projects”.

She thank me and Sunny again and said, you boys go home
and don’t come out for awhile. She jump in the man’s car
and took off. The man was still lying there butt ass neked
bleeding from the head.

I was like man i’m not going home! Lets go spend some of
this money at the store. So we left the bleeding neked
man right there in the ally, smack down in the
middle of the Yesler Tarrece projects.

Yep me and Sunny was at the store playing video games
when the man working at the store said “look” you little
fuckers are busted!

Here comes my mom. “OH SHIT!” I said.
“ANDY!” “SUNNY!” She yeald out through the store.
Why the fuck aint yall’s ass’is in school???
And why is the police looking for some kids who
look just like you? Get yo ass to the house! And go the
back way so the police don’t see you.
Sunny you go with him, she said.

We took the back way to the house, and there was cops all
over the place. We jump a few fences and crossed a few
yeards and finlly made it. I told Sunny i hope we
don’t go to jail for that shit. Sunny said my moms going
to kill me!

It took my mother awhile to get home, i guess she was
out trying to get the scoop. Yep thats exactly what she did.
She found out about everything! About the man beating
up the postitute Tina, us beating up the man, robbing
the man and leaving the man neked in the ally.

The lady (my mother) went straight to her room and slamed
the door.We could hear her cussing and banging around
in her room. The door to her bed room flung
open hard “Boom!”

The lady ran up on me and Sunny so fast. She had a really hevy
thick ass belt, (you know the one with the holes in it)
She must have beat me and Sunny for a good ten minutes

Yep even the friends get they ass best too. In the projects theres
not a lot of kids with dads in the house hold. So all the
moms have a pack. If you’re kids get into some shit
together, they get that ass beat together.

The cops never found out it was us. Thank God!
Lord knows i don’t want to get my ass beat again.
Sunnys mom gives out a good ass whoopen too.

So the next day on my way out the door for school,
my mother said, you better take yo ass to school
and i better not catch you and Sunny fucking with
those ho’s!

Yep two days later i was right back on 12th and Yesler
Walking Tina up and down the track.

Now there was this other postitute/dopefeen. She looked
all fucked up! She was this blond chick name jenny.
Jenny had a dopefeen pimp. He beat the shit out of Jenny
one day right on 12th ave. I heard Jenny stold his dope.

Me and Sunny get off the school bus on a
good rainy ass friday, and we see Jenny
standing at the metro bus stop waving at cars looking
nasty as ever.

Sunny said man lets go overthere and run that
nasty bitch off the block. I was like, “man”
its you’re turn to check those ho’s

So Sonny takes the lead and walks up to Jenny and said,
you need to get yo nasty ass off 12th, or give me
some money! She looked over at Sunny and slaped the
shit out of Sunny. Sunny grab a stick that was next to
the bus stop and starts beating Jenny ass!

I ran over and grab Sunny and stop him from stomping
Jenny ass out. Jenny took off running down the
street cussing and screaming shes going to
get that old broke down dopefeen ass pimp of hers.

Sunny was mad at me for stoping him from beating
Jenny ass down. Hes said man, that bitch had that
shit comming! I was like yeah but if our moms finds
out that we’ve been fucking with these whoes, were
going to catch a beat down. He was yeah you right, I
really don’t need another ass whooping, my ass is
still sore from that last ass whooping.

It started raining really heard, and i said “man” i’m going to
the house. What about you? Sunny said yeah me too,
my mom might take use to the chruch for free
dinner night. “I was like”, they do got dinner at the chruch to
night. Man, i’m going to see if my moms going too.
I think its chicken night at the chruch.

(the catholic chruch
has a free dinner three times a week at Saint Pauls Cathedral
witch is three blocks from the projects we live at)

—————– To be continued…

Anthony Herod
DOC #703840

Chapter 3


One morning back in 1985 i was 11 years
old standing on 12th Yesler waiting
on the school bus.

There was me, and like six other kids standing
on the corner, when a woman and a man
was comming up the street arguing.

The man said “FUCK YOU BITCH!”

The woman pulled out a big ass knife
from her purse (it look like a Rambow knife
because it had a compus at the end of it)
and the lady stuck the knife deep down
in the mans chest.

The man fell to the ground when she stab him
with the first blow. (I could see he was in shock)
Once he fell, she just kept stabing him, over and
over again. With each thrust the knife went deeper
and deeper.

All the kids statred screaming out. She killing him!
She killing him!

There was tons of blood on the ground. It was crazy.
The look on the dead mans face was even crazyer.

We were all in shock.
She murder that man right there in front of all us kids.

Yep just another day in the life,
in the projets where i grew up at.

On the ride to school that day, it was real quite on
the bus.

After that day, nothing really shocked me anymore.

That was’nt the last time i would see someone
get murdered when i was a kid. just three weeks
after that, the cops shot a man to death.

His name was Robert Baldwin.

Mr. Baldwin had only been living in the Yseler Terrace
for about six months, when thing started to go
all bad for him.

Mr. Baldwin suffered from mental illness, and
was recieving social security benifits.
Now when Mr. Baldwin forgot to renew his
benifits the social security office cut them off.

Now my mother was a social person, who knew
most of the residents who stayed in the

So one day her friend Tammy came over to our apartment,
and was saying that she heard Mr. Baldwin was going
around asking for food, due to the fact
the Government cut off his benifits.

So my mother got together with a few of her friends
and put together a food package for Mr. Baldwin.
Made up from mostly food they had gotten
from the food bank.

They went over to Mr. Baldwins place and gave him the
food. He was super happy to get the food. (I think
he was really happy to see some beautiful black women
at his door) Mr. Baldwin looked to be about forty five
years old, back in 1985.

So a few days went by, but no one has heard from
Mr. Baldwin.

I was riding my bike up and down 10th
aveune. The same steert Mr. Badwin lived on. As i
was riding i see the King County Sheriff and the
superintendent Mr. Rice going to Mr. Baldwin door.

So i ride over, to see whats going on.
You know when we see the police we go check it out.
We nosey in the projects.

So they went up the stairs and knocked on Mr. Baldwin door,
but Mr. Baldwin did not answer. So they knocked
harder. (More like they banged on it)

The cop yelled out. We have an eviction notice for
you Mr. Baldwin! The supreintendent said.

I see the door fly open.
Mr. Baldwin had a samri sowrd and cut the Sheriff right
across his chest, in a Z formation.

Then he slams the door.
It all happen so fast. The Sheriff fell to his knees, and
then flat on his face.

Mr. Rice was in a deep shock. When he seen
the Sheriff hit the ground, he ran off screaming

The cops came like 100 deep. There was cops every where.
They came over the louad speaker saying, “come out
Mr. Baldwin with you’re hands up!”

They started evacuating the rest of the apartment
building. There was a big crowed gathering.

The cops got on the louad speaker and said.
This is you’re last chance to come out with you’re
hands up, ore we are comming in!

Mr. Baldwin walked by the window, and someone
scream “HE’S GOT A GUN!”

The police open fire! POP POP POP POP BOOM

The cops shot out all his windows. One of the cops
said i think hes hit! Mr. Baldwin yelled out the

The cops said, “LET HER GO BALDWIN!”
All this has been going on for about five hours.

Theres reporters everywhere, news trucks everywhere.
Big crowds of people watching from there

They cut the power off in his apartment.
Then you see two police run buy the two
shot out windows, and throw something inside.

“BOOM BOOM BOOM! Smoke started pouring out the windows.
The cops yelled over the louad speaker saying, “thats tear gas
Mr. Baldwin, you better come on out!”

There was no movement inside the apartment.
You can see the taskforce getting ready to do there thing
on the side of the building.

Here they come. The taskforce creeping up
to the front door. They look up at the windo,
then they kick the door in and all you hear is a
heil of gun shots.

It sounds like a war zone inside that apartment.
There was no woman found inside the apartment,
and when they pulled Mr. Baldwins body out.
They said he had over 25 bullet holes in him.

___________________________________ Do not miss chapter.4

Anthony Herod
DOC #703840

Chapter 2


There was a big fire in the field in the back of
the projects, right next to the freeway overpass.
All the sticker bushes were burning down.

Someone told my mother i was stuck in the
trail that was on fire. Its the same path, me
and my friend take to get to school.

My mother was standing on the edge of the field crying.
I walk up to her and she was crying and screaming
“MY BABY’S DEAD!!!’ I said whos dead mom?
She looked at me like she seen a ghost!

She was so happy to see me!
She grab me and gave me a hug
and said someone said you started the fire, and
they saw you back there in the trail.

I was like “No!” that was’nt me. She said if i find out you
started that fire “BOY I’MA BEAT THAT ASS!!!”

I started thinking real fast.
I know i did’nt want this beautiful single black
woman getting off in my ass.

So i remembered seeing my friend
Mikey going to smoke cigarettes in the
bushes, right by the path that was on fire
we take to school.

So i told her, mom that was Mikey! She said, i told
you i did’nt want you hanging out with that lil

I said i was’nt! I just seen him smoking cigarettes
on the way to the trail we take to school every day.
She said let me find out otherwise “BOY THAT YO ASS!!!”

At that very moment two detectives walk up and said
are you that kid Andy? My mother said “yes!”
They said we need to talk to him. Are you his mother?
She said yes i am why?

(Like she did’nt know why those two cops
wanted to talk to me, “about that fire!)

They told her, some people said you’re son was the one who
started the fire. (My mother gave me that look,
Like “i’ma kill you!”)

The two detectives took me to their office and
questioned me about the fire, “that I did’nt even start”

“Man” there office looks just like a real
interrogation room you see on t’v.
It had a swinging light and everything.
I was like this is going to be fun!

They just kept asking me the same questions
over and over again.
Did you use a lighter?

Were you in the bushes somking cigarrettes or weed,
did you use matches?


I was like man, i told you i did’nt do it!
They said, we know you did it. We got people
saying you did it. Just tell us how and why
you did it!

Man i could’nt tell them something i did’nt do.
Even if i did do it i would’nt tell
those cops. They hate people from the hood.

So they took me down to juvenile hall, where they
book me in. For arson!

It was my first time getting locked up,
I was just eleven year old boy
siting in a holding cell thinking
how much i hated thoes punk ass cops for trying
to pin that fire on me.

A lady came to my cell ask me was i alright?
and told me my mother was here to see me.
I was like i don’t want to see her! (I know
she wants to best my ass)

The lady was like she comming back here!
I was thinking these people aint going to let
her put hands on me. (Shit they might!)

My mother came to my cell door and said,
I know you did’nt burn down those bushes.
Torry told me you were at the store, you did’nt
have any money. So you must have been stilling!

(I seen the fire in this womans eyes)

I know she wanted to beat my ass right there,
but the juvenile staff was right there watching
us. So she gave me a hug and a kiss, and
whispered in my ear. You know that ass is mine
when you get home.

She left and the staff took me to change my
clothes. They gave me a pink jumpsuit, and said
here put this on. I was like man this shit pink!
The dude just laugh and said yep it is pink aint it.

The man walked me down a hallway to a unit
that had like ten cells with little windows in
them. I was thinking damn i’m in jail.

I went to sleep. And i woke up the next morning to my
cell door popping open. I got up off the bunk, and walked
over to it, open it up and looked out. Their where
other kids comming out of there cells.

I heard one of the lady staff say, “Breakfast!”
Everyone to the chow hall! So i just started following
all the other kids, down this hall to where this room
was at with all these tables.

So i got in line and grabbed a tray, and made my way
to one of the tables, took a seat. This big ass kid
came running up saying, man thats my seat!!!
He said get the fuck up! I was like boy fuck you!
He took a swing and set me on my ass. I was
on the ground, and i kicked him right in his nuts
as hard as i could! “BAM!!!”

That boy hit the floor screaming! I got up and kick
him in his face as hard as i could. “BAM!!!”
His tough ass was out cold.

Two staff members jump on me, and cuffed me up.
They took me back to my cell, and ask me what
happen? I was like shit nothing. They said why did you
do that to that kid? I said hes a tough guy, and my
mom showed me that move. They laugh, and said
You’ll being going to court this morning, so get

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