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In-shaa-allah, meaning, if GOD will’s
Then i hope that i put this thing down like im suppose to
On point wit it
Real life illustrations
And from a most realistic & spiritual standpoint
Then were all here on borrowed time ,” believe that”

From ADAM the first prophet, to MUHAMMAD the last messenger
To GOD we belong, and to him we shall all re-turn

My thoughts read more like a course catalouge-
Then as just something out of the norn…

Black life / irreplaceable
Blue blood pedigree
And now im about to come like straight un-glued on this one

What comes from the heart / speaks to the heart
And whats already been tried / is not always true
Sins of the father / now inherited by the son
Plantation politics / yesterdays new’s
And such time’s for some, then are YES, best forgotin

Many shades of grey
But then it always seems to come back around to either white /or black

Human nature then becomes distorted by the many faces of man
The law of attraction
Then dont get it twisted
For a thing is ever seldom then what it really appears to be

Abject poverty, then directly connected to universal oppression
Then my most trueist of thought’s
Now bleed BLACK INK like all over these pages

I splash cold hard reality into the face’s of those who doubt
Somebody give me a steady drumbeat
Then coupled with a strong sense of black african pride
And ill give you all of me transparent
Then in the true likeness of BLOOD,SWEAT,and TEARS
MIND ,BODY, and SOUL ,for-real

Not the heavens / nor GOD shed a tear for me
Everyday trial by fire
Lessons in life learned the hard way
Then in the end, each man is made to stand befor GOD alone

My thoughts read more like a course catalouge-
Then as just something out of the norm

Black life / irreplaceable
Blue blood pedigree
and now im about to come like straight un-glued on this one

Each day is supposed to be a treasured gift
And your geography / and your biography does not determine your destiny
And regardless of your starting point in life
Then its always room for improvement & growth to evolve to a –
Higher and better state

Your future is created by what you do today / and not tomorrow
And be open to all of the possibilitys of your life
For the subject does’nt really matter
For its really the process of learning & living that counts the most in-

Anthony Godfrey
DOC #793624


“NOW CHECK ME OUT”…CALIFORNIA-LIFE( 43GXC )/ now i come full-circle with straight provoking thought, and this be my truth.

My name is ANTHONY GODFREY. My birthday is 7-11-67.

Ive been locked-up since 1997, and my release date is somewhere around 2025. And so if your really interested in geting to know me like on a much more up close & personal, my info is on the Contact page.

Anthony Godfrey
DOC #793624