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I disagree with a week long moratorium on violence.

I disagree with inhumane treatment that is met with silence.

I disagree with a week as that is only temporary change.

I disagree because we need to focus on positive long range.

I disagree with excluding some due to their past.

I disagree with those who claim the good always finish last.

I disagree with stereotypes, as they are a mental pollution.

I disagree with segregating ourselves, rather than working towards a solution.

I disagree with viewing my life as being over or on pause because I’m in prison.

I disagree with allowing concrete and steel to cloud my vision.

I disagree with hostile thoughts, as they only lead to hostile action.

I disagree with hostile acts, as they only give a false sense of satisfaction
I disagree with treating others in ways inhumane.

I disagree with those who say that my attempts at REDEMPTION are only in vain.

I disagree that if I don’t do a negative act someone else will.

I disagree that the road to positive is all uphill.

I now know that violence can never be the key.

As for those who claim that it is, I can only say,

I disagree.

Anthony Powers
DOC #721689


IN the world a found soul amongst many that are lost.

INterpret that as you may, as life itself seems at times a puzzle.

INterlinking pieces that must be put together to develop understanding.

INner understanding of self before attaining a true knowledge of others.

INsight concerning their motives.

INsofar as you’ve developed that ability.

INtrospection is a must during this developmental process.

INvaluable intelligence acquired through reflection.


INtroducing… Me!!!




INtensely intellectual.

IN almost any given situation why is it that we only speak of the good of ourselves?




INject any of the above adjectives into your personal description for they apply to most of us at one moment in time or another.

INitially I didn’t know what I was going to write.

INside I hope it is accepted, understood and appreciated, irrespective if on the outside I may seem…


Anthony Powers
DOC #721689


I have a desire to write without a place to begin.

Life is what it is.

Most people are crazy in their own way.

Most people show many faces to various individuals based on the person with whom they are speaking.

People desiring acceptance from others who are themselves desiring acceptance.

It would seem the logical thing to do for everybody to just be
themselves accepting others for who they are.

It would seem logical not to treat people cruelly desiring to impress others.

Desiring to impress others who have their own insecurities that they are hiding.

The correct mindset for me is to appreciate things while I have them.

Everything is based on comparison.

If I were focused on the short life span of the rose I may miss both its scent and its beauty.

If I were to view life in comparison to the vasteness of eternity then I may make a more positive impact while I am here.

Make a more positive impact while having patience with life’s difficulties
Having patience with the difficulties that will inevitably, like all else, come to an end.

Anthony Powers
DOC #721689


Parallel universes known by all.

Where in one you lie straight, the other you stand tall.

Sent to one by the grim reaper with his scyth in hand, black robes and black hood.

Sent to the other by a judge with his gavel in hand and black robes as you are deemed no earthly good.

At the news of your death your family mourns as they know best.

Those who love you shed tears at the news of your arrest.

Eventually the pain subsides and people move on.

Eventually the memories of you fade as they deem that you are gone.

The cemetaries are filled with all races and classes.

While the prisoner too is buried away with the masses.

Identified by a tombstone with your name, birthdate and day on which you were put to rest.

Identified by a green badge with your name, birthdate and DOC number which must be worn on your chest.

Buried away in a ditch which is six feet deep.

Thrown into a six foot wide space in which you cook, sit and sleep.

The body decays as nature takes its course in the usual way.

While in prison the soul is screaming out as it is being eaten away.

Some dead suffering for the sins of their past.

Most prisoners suffering from the results of chasing the money that don’t last.

Let this be a lesson for all of you who still have a life on the street.

We all have a grave awaiting us, but the one you can avoid is concrete.

Anthony Powers
DOC #721689


What is empty?
An eye without one beheld,
A heart without one to love,
The eye of the heart with its vision failed.

What is empty?
A man without peace of mind,
A life without a sense of purpose,
The eye which seeks what it shall not find.

What is empty?
A child never allowed to think,
Never given the chance to enjoy himself,
The eye of the child shedding a tear at the slightest wink.

What is empty?
The chambers of the abuser’s heart,
Their victims fading away ever so slowly,
The eye wishing it could play a larger part.

What is empty?
A man without a sense of hope,
As we all need this to go on with our lives,
The eye bearing witness that without it we simply cannot cope.

Anthony Powers
DOC #721689