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Putting Family First

what woman wouldnt want a man that will do anything and everything for his family????
A young man leaves home at the age of 18 after his highschool graduation, relationships come and go , times are good times are bad, in and out of jail from misdeameanor to misdeameanor, his longest stretch is 6 months of incaracaration, long story short by the age of 29 years old he finds himself in a situation where he has to do what he has to do for his family, he ends up in prison serveing 89 months, what he thought he has a a family turns out different, his love of his life vanishes out of the blue now he is inprisoned in a dark world of lonelyness and in a place where most are forgottn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what woman wouldnt want a man that puts his family first???????????
doing what he had to do, now possibly left in the dark without knowing what is going on with his love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anthony Wolton
DOC #857697