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Bobby Plain


Hello everybody,

My name is Bobby Plain D.O.C.#318702
I’m doing time at Stafford Creek Correction Center. I was 23 years old when i got lock up and now im 29 years young. I have 2 young little boys that i can’t wait to see.

I made stupid mistakes and now i have to pay for it. I see now what i did wrong and im gonna fix it. People never can see what’s in front of them until they get some real time.
Most people can’t see 5 years from now and it’s a shame for them.

You have to have goals so you can have a future to look foward too. Cause i have a real plan and im looking 10 years ahead of time so i can do the right things for my kids.

Thanks to everybody that is reading my blog. If you want to respond to me my info is on the CONTACT page.

And you can look me up on
Hope you like what i had to say.
God bless you all.

Bobby Plain
DOC #318702