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To my ladys out there I ‘ve have a question to ask ya’ll ,when you are married and your wife is cheeting on you and has this man whareing your clothes sleeping in your bed when you are out of town ,driving your cars and stealing your money to give to him ,so the husband gets fed up with her lies and he does something to her to embarrass her so he snatches off her wig while she in the shower and when the wig is off come to,find out that she is baldheaded with,just a little b top and so he video tapes her and tell her that he’s going to put it,on face book,but the husband goes to jail but all he wants is his stuff or he’s going to put the video and pictures on line . So ladys should he embarrass her or just let it go and move on. Now mind you this,this man was good to her ,he did the grocerys shoping the laundry the cleaning and he put up with her drug abuse. This lady other wise known as keirra g henderson .Ladysthis man want to put these picture on line beause how she disrepected him as a man ,so ladys out there what shoud he do.

Bradley Killian