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Corey Jackson

How is everybody doing today. Just to let everyone know that i will be starting a New Church and it is called “The House Of Nazareth” so please see about things we will be talking about. God is really moving our life in here.some of else has been forgottin. But God is still here in our life. So i will be doing the work of God,So please come as,you are. And all are Welcome. Please hit me up on jpay.

Corey Jackson
DOC# 730321

Corey Jackson

In greeting,please allow me to express my appreciation for your acceptance of my corresondense.I am aware that it is,indeed,improper for me to present myself under such a discrediting set of circumstances,but this time,coupled with a desire,on my part,to find true friendship,encourages me to attempt this introduction in the hopes that my words will fall in the hands of a friend instilled with the understanding that a man should not be judged by his actions,but by those morals and values he present,allowing his personality to build an impression rather than his expressions to build his personlity.

It is with this hope that I present this introduction.I am,generally,notaccustom to opening myself to someone with whom I have had no previous connection,so please forgive me for any elusiveness,or reluctance to devulge much more than just general information,until I am aware that I will receive a response.Rest assured,however,that much more is to come for any friend finding an interest in meeting.For now,I ask that you accept this brief description,and rest,confidently,in these two facts.One,I can be no more,or less,than who I am today,and who I inspire to be in my future,and,Two,although I am incapable of being any more than me,I am greatly confident that,given the opportunity to get to know me.You will approve of my character, whether you agree with my actions or not.

Name is:Corey B. Jackson
Intake Date:June 24,2012
Release Date:March 24,2017
Contact Info:Corey B. Jackson #730321, H-1-A-26L
Stafford Creek Corrections Center
191 Constantine Way
Aberdeen,Wa 98520