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my name is derik maples doc# 885051 if you are intrested in me or my writting , please contact me threw this link, and i will reply promptly !! i am intrested in your feed back as well as getting to know some one new , ive attatched this photo as well so you can place a face with these words……….

Derik Maples
DOC #885051

beautiful sequence

I can still see your face, amongst other women hoping to take your place,

You showed me how to love,
you taught me how to listen,

With the hopes that i would be able to pick up the pieces that are missin,

Is it wrong of me?
Or strong of me?

For loving you unconditionally !

you challenged me for the better,
And made one day feel like forever,

Thank you for that…………..

even after i gave you reason to leave,

eVen when i didnt love my self,

you reminded me that i am special,
So im here to say it helps,

It helps, when i think about your happiness even if its not with me,
it helps when i think about the memories and how it used to be,

–i would trade it all in, to do it all again–

If we could some how rewind time well living in the present,
Then we could some how make a king out of a young peasent,

the sequence could be beautiful,

so thats why i say,

some how,

some way,

we can do it all again one day…. I love you !

Derik Maples
DOC #885051

There can only be one me

My name is Derik maples, i am 29 years old and currently incarcerated at stafford creek corrections center, in aberdeen, Wa.
I am currently appealing my case ( meaning im maintaining my innocence ) i was arrested for a 2009 shooting that took place in vancouver, washington over a drug deal that went bad…..
Even though evidence shows i was not the shooter i was given 38 years as if i was……..
So you can only imagine how that can turn a persons life ups Forced me to put things into a new perspective, once i realized that these people were serious about the sentence in which they handed down i had a decision to make, either this time is going to make me or its gonna break me. so im here to let you know im still standing tall !
That was almost seven years ago….

I gravitated to Stone City Blog because i realize it is a platform to display inmates talents, thoughts and ideas. so i figured i should take advantageOf the oppertunity at hand, Sinse i always have took a liking to writing.
When i was out i was pursuing a career in the music industry, i performed at several venues threw out my home town of portland, Or
So as a natural song writer, i figured i could easily transition to being a great blogger or even auther…

After years of acrobatically dancing around obsticals and opposition, i feel that i have the experience neccessary to make a distinctive
difference in peoples lives. Because the way i see it is success is not a chance its a choice ! At some point i got tired of running into the wall like a crash test dummy, and realized that you have to try new things to get new results….

I mean really what do i look like sitting around stagnated well the world is forever evolving, really just stop what your doing and look around real quick , what you see is some one elses thoughts someone else that had The drive and dedication to manifest and bring their dreams to life !
Wether its your house , your car, your shoes, clothes whatever, somebody at some point had the courage to document their thoughts and ideas and eventually brought them to life. So why cant i ?
Thats a question i often toss around, because i know i am more than capable, but like many others in life i find my self often settling for less, Which absolutly makes no sense !

So i have made it a point to become fully dedicated to understanding who it is that i am and what it is exactly that i have to offer the world.
Because i refuse to be a loser, or fall victem to a biased opinion.

So if my writtings can help someone else in the process of me trying to capitolize on my potental then so be it, i’ll feel accomplished because i making a beautiful difference from an ugly situation……

If you would like to know me on a more personal note or have questions feel free to contact me through my doc#885051
Please leave all judgements aside…..

” some times we need some one to show us what we cant see for our Sleves and it can change our life for the better FOREVER !! ”

At this point all i have is a pencil and a dream……..

Derik Maples
DOC #885051





im a young man with an old soul,
locked up but i feel free, just speaking on the things that i see………..

images are made, the tough are affraid ,
facade’s are very real, in this concrete grave,
some have life , but live like they are free,
some get out next week but still dont know who to be……

promises on the phone to the people we love, are quickly dismissed on a yard full of thugs, educated minds, currupted by crimes, well living life searching for the signs…..

we swear to do right , but lose sight in the struggle , cant stand to be broke so we go back to hustle !

preach but dont practice, and settle with results below average…. its contradicting !

this is something i wrote real fast but i have alot more layers to me, if you are intrested in getting to know me , my name is derik maples , i am 29 years old , you can email me directly at Or you can write me (my info is on the CONTACT page).

Derik Maples
DOC #885051