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Me And My Ego

Ego- Hey wasup man!

Me- —–

Ego- Hey man! I KNOW YOU HEAR ME!!

Me- lol, yes friend, I hear you, how are you today?

Ego- Man there aint nothin to do! Im bored, lets make somethin ta eat Im hungry.

Me- yeah uh, bordem isnt hunger, remember we talked about this? No worries I have something for us to do!

Ego- Man I aint tryna do that! THATS BORING!! Thats what I was talkin about! Hey look at them dudes over there! LOOK! They starin at us laughin! They talkin about us!

Me- Naw man lol, I dont think they were looking this way. They’re just telling jokes to pass the time relax.

Ego- Naw man, they laughin at you! Im sure of it! Just go punch one of’em. Then we’ll be laughin!

Me- You see, this is why I was ignoring you. Your wasting so much energy on this situation you just made up! I feel my body temperature rising.

Ego- what you gettin all hot for? You scared? HAH! Thats it, you scared!! Your twice there size and they laughin at you because they know your scared! Go over there and shut’em up! Remember that time in school when those kids laughed at you!!!??? GO KNOCK’EM OUT!!!

Me- Lmao! LOOK! They’re not even sitting at the table no more, goodbye for now, I’ll talk to you later when you catch me with my gaurd down.

Ego- Alright alright I’ll quit! I was just playin dont ignore me again. Hey You still there!? HEY!!!! Whatever man, I can wait. You can’t ignore me all day.

Jarvais Warren
DOC #353338

Tha Hole

So I went to the hole, but it wasn’t my fault!

Now I know everybody says that but really it wasnt my fault, they said they no choice but to take everyone that worked in that area to the hole. So I spent the weekend in the hole not knowing if Im was going to get sent back to regular prison.

Now the reason why the hole works sooo good is because there is nothing really to do in there but read and think. And usually thinking will override you reading anything. Your thoughts will take control over you and give you soo many ways that things can go wrong for you. LOL Really thats not that different from normal everyday life. But this is the main reason people want to avoid the hole, because your in there with your inner worried voice. So when I got out on Monday people were like “Man, I know you was stressin!!!” I told them “LOL, naw, I meditated.”

Ofcourse they didnt believe me. But thats the key! The key is to “Not” Think!! Live in the moment and know that where I am at this moment is where I am suppose to be. I made the best of the situation, since I would be doing little to no moving, I use the time to fast and not eat. LOL some guards thought I was mad, another thought I felt guilty, Nope, neither. I felt nothing but the bliss in the current moment :). Im glad for the time I spent there. Thank you hole.

Jarvais Warren
DOC #353338

there is no spoon

I use to work in the kitchen washing the pots and pans. It was peaceful, i was in a room by myself with plenty of time to do the job. Some days were slow, and some days were really fast with pot and pans coming so fast that they would be as high as my chest.

On my days off the worker would need help on the busy days, or they rushed through it and the pots didnt get cleaned, and the next crew complained. I finished everyday at the same time, with no help and no complaints.

One day, on a busy day (biscuits and gravy day) the pots and pans came so fast that I didnt even have time to stack them so they were everywhere! The boss asked if I needed help this time, i say no.

This dude sticks his head in the room and says “Man! How do you finish all this in time! And how come even if its not a busy day you finish at the same time.”

I say “I finish at the same time everyday so i dont have to sit around and wait til will go home, I dont like sitting around.” (you just sit around after everythings done for bout 30 mins)

He goes “But how do you finish today in time?! Every Pot is dirty in here!”

I say “Its all an illusion”

he says “Time? Or the pots and pans?”

I say ” Both! Remember the matrix? The key to bending the spoon is to realize there is no spoon?”

Then he looks at me like I said something crazy so I just told him, on these days I just go really fast.

Jarvais Warren
DOC #353338

Just for fun

If I really desire to find what is fun in each situation I will find it.

I mean its so easy to find what stresses me out about doing something,and what I dislike in each situation. So why can’t I do the opposite? There is no dark without light right?

Ofcourse this takes some time and thought change since my mind is stuck on “Idontwana”. Which just makes me negative before I even start. It makes me negative as soon as the thought pops up.

So I made an agreement to find the fun in each situation.

I got a new job cleaning the unit bathrooms at night. No one wants to do it because of obvious reasons. But attacking the issue with a search for fun changes the whole experience. I race myself, plus I use it for training in staying in the moment. I try to go the whole time without thinking about past mishaps or “what-if’s” of the future. There is true bliss in the present moment if your looking.

Now I actually look forward to my job, the mind remembers good times. The mind also treats things you do “for the fun of it” different than when you do things because you have to or because you need the money. If I dont get enough sleep and have to do something I dont wana do in the morning Im extra tired and grumpy. Complete Opposite if Im doing something fun the next day, even If I only slept for a couple of hours.

The mind remembers happy times and will release those emotions before I even do the task. I get a sense of peace and joy now whenever I go in the bathroom LMAO!!

Jarvais Warren
DOC #353338

what I learned in 2wenty min.

Yes last year did seem like only twenty minutes, but i still mananged to fit two days into each. I mean I only have 20 min before the jpay kicks me off. So this is what I learned in no order in 2015. now in 16 mins.

– The importance of God in ones life, for obvious reasons ofcourse.

-Always stay positive negative emotions are useless and they are like holding a hot coal in your hand. Plus the other person is probally smiling.

– Never doubt your abilities, never talk bad about your day or your failed plans. They are lessons not mistakes. Never doubt anything involving you. DONT LET ANYTHING ABOUT ONES SELF LEAVE YOUR MOUTH IN A NEGATIVE MATTER.

– Being greatful and happy about something that you haven’t received yet, because you know its on the way is TRUE FAITH.

-Keep your mind clear and on the moment at hand. Not things to come or things in the past. Keep present in this moment of NOW. There is pure joy in the present moment.

-Make everything you do in life FOR THE FUN OF IT. I tie my shoes for the fun of it. I take the pebble out of my shoe for the fun of it.

-Plans with NO ACTIONS are dreams

-Keep an openmind, a REALLY openmind

-dont judge others, its not our place to, and its waisted energy. To each his own, we are all right were we need to be in this moment.

-Love everything like you love yourself

-Find the infinite love that is you

-Dont compete, create. To compete means you need to be better than someone else are take from them so you have something and they dont. Create. Create wealth, happiness and so on yo! Create and have no doubt in your mind that you are possible of this.

-Keep driving, pushing, stay motivated. Take breaks, have fun, keep your positive creation in your head and have no doubt that its on its way.

Jarvais Warren
DOC #353338

Think Big…No! …..BIGGER!

Strive to be the BEST, the Elite. The Elite of the Elite.

Because if you fail you will only be great at it!

Make your goals BIG! Whatever your goal is today, strive to go past that goal or strive to be the elite-ness of that goal.

So look. Im a beader, I want to be a good beader.

NOPE! Not big enough! I want to be “THE” beader. I want people to seek me out for guidance on their beadwork. I want them to be amazed at my work and want to do it just like me, I want to come up with a new Idea and it so good everytime that everyone copies it! If I achieve this goal the being a good beader wont be an issue, I’ll be one of the Elite beaders.

And thats is what has happen. All of the above. I didnt realize how nerve racking it would be for Soooo many people to start asking how to do this and how to do that while im trying to finish a project. Lol and its kind of annoying that when I come up with something new they take it. I started making 3D pop-out pieces and now Im teaching people how to do them. But Im happy to help, plus it keeps guys outa trouble.

When trying to reach a goal, make sure you really want it lol.

Chase BIG dreams and the normal size dreams will chase after you.

Your saving up to by a car? NOPE! By a spaceship!

Thats a little over the top, but thats the right attitude. If a goal is hard, takes time, practice and personal growth then By Golly I think ya gots a winner.

And I now realize that me being Elite is not were the happiness comes from. Its teaching and helping. Thats where the pure joy comes from. Helping and teaching without expecting anything in return. Once I realized that I was “The” beader (They call me the BeadMaster lol) I didnt really care. It didnt make me happy. But showing a guy how to do something before he made the same mistake I did is a good feeling.

Jarvais Warren
DOC #353338

No more mistakes only lessons

Make a negative situation a positive. Every day all day. If you do that, you’ll have less and less negative situations right? Learn what you need to learn from the situation. Then you can use it so next time an alarm goes off in your head.

Kinda like when your in prison, I have a huge memory bank of “Red flagged” phrases. Because I already made the mistake once, thats enough.

Plus it turns everything in your day positive. While at work I dropped a frying pan on my pinky toe, it turns black and purple and made me walk with a limp for week, AND this happen 3mo ago and it still bothers me! But guess what, now every time something drops I jump 3 ft back!

* Help Wanted : Looking for Patience*

Im impatiently looking for patience. I know that seems like the wrong way to go about it, but thats how Im programed. If you know patience or can tell me how to find her (Patience comes from the female gender) Please, write or jpay.

Jarvais Warren
DOC #353338