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The other day i decided i would try my hand at somemore poems….

I close my eyes
And I see you
Thinking about you

Sitting in this cell
And i smell you

Thats no suprise
Tears falling down my cheek
I cant take it

I am missing you
Thats no suprise
Counting down the days
Cant wait to see you

I am impatient
Thats no suprise
These feelings so strong
I need you, want you, i am in love

Thats no suprise.

Jason Beeson
DOC #354287


Tonight I search the skies
In hopes to find a star
A promise made from afar
To locate where you are

A comfort zone when you are alone
No other men will find
They taste the fruits of paradise
But fail to feed your mind

Tonight I search the skies to find
my agony wont hide
Within my deepest thoughts I cry
These tears of lonely times

Whatever will become of us
I wander to the moon
Will I be blessed at last to posses
The pleasure found with you

Unique and rare, so hard to find
Someone to trust for life
Foreplay is a must for us plus I’ll fuck you right
Dont blush from words of truth

Ask yourself is he for real
Free to search my soul and heart
Now tell me if you feel me

Jason Beeson
DOC #354287


Well I recently got in some trouble for some stupid stuff.
I got an out of bounds infraction for going to the door of the other pod.
Yes i knew it was wrong.
However I needed to make sure that my bros went to druming.

I was sanctioned to 7 days cell confinement and 10 days loss of rec.
I missed my hearing because I wasnt given a copy of my infraction,
So i didnt know when my hearing was.
That is why got so much time out.

This facility makes no sense.
The give us all kinds of “freedom” yet wont give us something to do.
I have been here since September and they refuse to give me a job.
Its harder to get a job in here then it is out there.

They have this way of classifying us that determines our eligablity.
I couldnt give any details on how the classification works cuz i dont know.
All i know is I am a 2A and that means that i am not a high priority.
If somone comes on the next chain and is a 1A he gets priority.

As much as i hate to say it, you almost have to be a creep to get a job.
I know this has gone way off track but it is something that has me mad.
It occurs to me that this is out of my control but it affects me.
I am sorry to vent on here but i figured that this is what a blog is for.

I thank you all for reading what i post.
Have a blessed day.


Jason Beeson
DOC #354287


I once had a heart and it was true
Now its gone from me to you
Take good care of it like I have done
For now you have two and I have none

If I go to heaven and your not there
Ill write you name on the Golden Stairs
And if your not there on judgmentt day
Ill know you went the other way

Ill give the angels back all their things
Their golden harps with the beautiful strings
Cuz without you I’d be at a loss
Whatever it takes Ill pay the cost

Just to prove my love is true
Ill go down to hell just to be with you

Jason Beeson
DOC #354287


Sorry that i have been gone for a while, I was short on funds.
Thanks to a very generous person I am able to continue my blogging.
I did not think that my posting a help wanted add would actully work.

I remember telling my friend i was going to post that blog.
He told me it wouldnt work.
That same day i was blessed with some money.
I cant begin to say how thankful i am for the help.

When i started blogging i wasnt sure if people would read my stuff.
I was honestly beginning to think that i was just wasting stamps.
I now believe that people do listen and care about people in prison.
Atleast care about what we have to say.

I have said it several times and I will say it again
THANK YOU to everyone who reads my blog


Jason Beeson
DOC #354287


I recently tried to post some Valentines Day poetry but i was too x-rated
Apparently D.O.C doesnt like that kind of writing dont know why. 🙂
Since my previous attempt to send some poetrty was thwarted,
I figured i would try again.

Tonite though i sleep in solitude
My thouhts are filled with you
I wander after this insanity
Do fantasies come true?

Will my words communicate my wishes
These passionate slow kisses
Anticiated love embraces

Explosive nights of love making
Each time a different lesson
The moon will guide my every stroke

I am blessed by your expressions
Drapped in sweat chest to chest
A climax to our frustrations
This is the reward that we can both share

If only we are patient

As much as i would like to say that this is an original work, its not.
Im not sure as to were its from i got it from a friend.
I like this poem because it says how i think a relationship in prison is.
The only real way a prison relationship to work is through patience.

I hope you all enjoyed it, i will try to post some more.
Could use some feed back if at all possible.
Thank you to everyone who reads my blog posts.


Jason Beeson
DOC #354287


I understand that everyone out there is busy.
However if anyone could help me with getting printouts of my comments i would appreciate it.
I would like to see what kind of feed back i am getting from my posts.
This whole writing thing is something im new to, never been good at it.

As i have said before i dont have much in the way of family support.
Just a little bit of help would go a long way.
I dont have any money but i do bead so i would bead something for help.
If you are able to help let me know what kind of project you would like.

Unfortunately this is my last stamp, i wont be able to post for a while.
I hope that eveyone has a Happy Valentines Day.

I would appreciate any help that can be provided
Thank you and God bless

Jason Beeson
DOC #354287