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Jermaine Lewis

Greetings Love. My name is Jermaine J Lewis the self proclaimed
Midwestern Gentalman with Midwestern charm and values. I am also an
aspiring businessman currently in college studying business
Management and entrepreneuralship,prepareing myself for greatness.
My ideas,my passions,my goals remains forever sharp in my mind,so to allow them to fade is unacceptible. I pride myself on being a great listener as well as a person you could confide in,which brings me to something i like to call………..

The idea behind mental intimacy is that those of sound mind and mature nature release thier inhibitions and ping pong thoughts,ideas,
advice,questions,suggestions,inquiers,secrets,fantasies,jokes and
creative building without being embarrased or judged by one another.
Look at things from different angles. Listen to sound advice from mature
mentally developed individuals. Learn new things about life and eachother. You can also indulge in the luxury in opening a line of
communication with someone you can be certain is on the same mental wave length as yourself. As the saying goes,steel sharpens steel, so why should you settle for lack luster conversation with just anyone……

In closing,i welcome you to explore my thoughts in hopes to explore you as well. Now that i’ve set the foundation,lets build something together.

Jermaine Lewis
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