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Whats up everyone..!? 

The end of this incarceration is finally right around the corner for me…

Who the hell would have imagine I’d make it to the end of all this damn time to finally be in a position to where I was about to be free man 


After seven years I feel like I’m about to walk out to a world that’s completely changed…

I mean, ive never even seen a smart phone… Not in real life anyways…

I feel like I left the world during the stone age and I’m coming back out there to that T.V. show, ‘Minority Report’…

Its like back to the future for me…

And all of that is about to happen in Tee minus 6 days and counting.

Can you imagine what it’s going to be like for me getting back out there to the real world and trying to…

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Becoming a champion you


A champion you is being the best you that you can possibly be. Hurtles and obstacles are mandatory in quest of this… There will always be tons of shit in our way. Especially, when it is our hope and desire to better ourselves.

I know this first hand.

A lot of you out there know this just as well.

I just read an article in a magazine about 10 things you need to know to become a championship dirt bike racer. As I read this I thought to myself, I will never become a championship dirt bike racer but how these 10 things can relate to damn near anything.

So I took them, and I twerked them…

Wait. I mean, TWEAKED them.

Damn it Miley!

Ok. So I tweaked them to fit something a lot more insightful.

Becoming champions of our own lives… How awesome does that sound?!?

Plus, I…

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Banning ‘the box’ to help ex-convicts find jobs


I saw the story on the news called ban the box about different states trying to do away with the “Have you been convicted of a felony?” Question on job applications, and I thought this was pretty interesting.

On job applications, applicants are asked if they have “ever” “or in the last five years” “or “in 10 years” been convicted of a felony, and to check “yes” or “no”.

Well, ban the box is suppose to give felons a fair chance at reasonable employment through jobs that are supposed to be felon friendly in the first place, but in all actuality might be more felon discriminatory.

Ban the box is simply just to help felons get pass the initial application process instead of denied out right because of a felony conviction or, like me with a whole bunch of felony convictions.

The goal of this legislation is to get felons…

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With the goal within sight…we must never give up


With the goal within sights…we must never give up

Hello again everyone! I hope all of you are doing great. It took me a little longer than usual to get this entrée out, but the past week has been not only busy for me, it’s been pretty crazy as well. Sometimes, trying to remain positive and optimistic in here isn’t an easy thing to do. Out there in the free world there’s a government shutdown to contend with. While in here, things are insane. In the past week, I’ve seen 10 people from my building go to the hole. I myself came very close to becoming the 11th person. A tattooing situation almost made all that I’ve worked so hard towards invalid…worth nothing.  As it all almost disappeared that fast. Luckily though, the guys who were actually involved in the whole tattooing incident kept me out of a situation…

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A follow up to “Actions speak louder than words”


So, do you remember the class I had mentioned on possibly trying to start here called “Work progress”? (For more on that read “Actions speak louder than words”)

Well here is an update on that…

I’ve put together an outline of what the class would be about…

What does it hope to accomplish…

Why it would be successful.

I’ve got everything pretty much ready to go and I have even gone as far as trying to talk to the head woman in charge who could sign off on this class and make it a “go”.

Notice how I say “trying to talk to the woman”.

Well, when I did try and talk to her she told me that I needed to write a request form to her in order to schedule an appointment. So I wrote the request to her a week ago and still haven’t heard anything…

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Jen, Joe And A Prison Phone


To keep Joewriteshiswrongs alive and thriving it takes tons of time and also money spent on phone calls.

I probably call Jen 6 times a day and that’s just in relation to Joewriteshiswrongs.

Then, add to that a couple of personal calls thrown in the mix and it’s easy to see how it takes some serious dedication on all fronts to keep up with this as well as any and everything else.

Especially, for Jen.

I mention all of that to give you a better understanding of the relentless work and sacrifice Jen and I both put into Joewriteshiswrongs on a daily basis. And also to give Jen a little more recognition because at times I often get so wrapped up in trying to create something awesome from prison- that I often forget to recognize Jen for all of her hard work and dedication specifically.

Jen is the link…

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words



Last week I had mentioned how I was trying to do more than just talk about prisoner rehabilitation. How I feel like I’ve got to do something more. And not just for me, either. But maybe even something that could be helpful to others, too. Others who want to better themselves, just like I want to better myself, too.

Well, I think I found a way to do just that too, a way to put some actions behind these words, so that it’s not just a bunch of talk.

What I’ve come up with is a class that I would like to pitch to the “powers that be” here at this facility. It’s a class I begun putting a lot into already as to what it would be about.

The name of this class we’d call “Work in Progress” and it would be a “think tank” of sorts for guys…

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