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Friends With Ex’s

Can you honestly be friends with your ex? Yeah i understand that sometimes you can still be friends but how often does that happen?
Would you not feel awkward? Wouldnt you some type of way towards him/her? I havent found myself in many relationships so its safe to say i dont have many ex’es either.
But to have someone you are currently in a relationship with still have their ex as a “friend” is a stange notion to me. How? Is it possible?
Anything is possible i guess. But if you are the person thats in the relationship now, and your girlfriend/boyfriend is still friends with their ex how would that make you feel?
Yes, i know that no matter what some people can be forgiving. But to forget, never. How could you forget all the things that that person have done to you. How could you forget all the pain and heartache?
I personally cant. Can you? If thats the case then how can you still be friends with the person who cause you all that pain? No matter how big of a heart you may have, it would seem to me that your little heart might still have some kind of feelings for him/her.
Right or wrong? If im wrong then why not just move on with your life and remove that person from you life? I would start to wonder, hmmmmm.

John Phet
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th (2)

This for me is an simple answer. My greatest blessing is finding the love of my life. She was under my nose for 17+yrs. I didn’t realize it until just recently.

She has been my rock, my saving grace. When darkness came into my life, she was the light that saved me. Pulled me from the depts.

She was always there to give me encouraging words. Always letting me know that everything will be ok. Never once did she waver. Always steady and strong.

This woman i have is something special. A treasure that the world has missed. So beautiful inside and out.
This is my blessing. This is my saving grace.

Blessings come in many shape and sizes. For me it was the love of my life. For you it might be something as simple as ” how are you doing, are you ok”?

Having someone who cares enough to even ask if you are doing ok does wonders to a person.

When was the last time someone took their time and asked you if you are ok? Asked if everything is alright?

To have someone who even notice that you are hurting inside means the world. Not everyone has that person. That someone who took the time to notice you are not yourself today.

That is a blessing. What more can a person ask for? What more does anybody need?

People in my position would do anything to have someone like that. I was fortunate enough to have one.

I definetly don’t take it for granted because i understand take life is a gift and our love ones are a blessing.

Take the time to be thankful. Take the time to express your gratitude. Life is to short to not count your blessings.

Take care social media.

John Phet
DOC #843064

Second Chances

Do you believe in second chances? Do you believe that a person can change if given that opprotunity? Why is society so quick throw away the key to a young person’s life if everything is built on rehabilitation.
I have struggled with question many times over. They only conclusion i can come up with is that they don’t want to give a second chance.
Everything sounds good. From allowing you to see the parole board to filing for clemecy. But in all actuality i think it’s just a shame.
What is deem extra-ordinary? What can a person in my position do that is extra-ordinary? Aside from schooling, working, out-reach programs and ect., what is there really?
No matter what the case may be i truly believe that if a person is remorseful and that they have shown to have change, why not give that person a second chance.
I was 16 years old when i was sent to jail and then prison. I am not that same little boy who was immature, irresponsible, hardheaded and naive.
I have grown into a man who has learned that every action has consequences. I have owned up to my mistakes and all i can ask for is forgiveness.
But aside from my case and story. I am talking about hundreds of individuals like myself who has change because we WANTED TO, no because we had to. Thats the different.
Should we not be allowed a second chance…

John Phet
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There is no greater feeling than having a big, fat, smile on your face from ear to ear.

People take things to serious these day. What happen to laughing and smiling.

My biggest reason to smile is the woman of my dreams. My best friend, the love of my life, my fiance. She has made me laugh, cry, and smile for over 17 years.

Life seem more simple when your happy and care-free. Not everything has to be all business. People tend to forget what it is like to smile. They worry to much about what lies ahead that they often forget that being happy is apart of life. An essential part of life itself.

Granted, life has its moments were business must be taken care of. Work must be done. Bills to be paid on time and so on and so on but don’t forget to be happy and smile.

I have spent the majority of my life in prison. There wasn’t much to be happy and smiling about. But over the years i’ve realize that being unhappy was really depressing. I was fortunate to have a beautiful woman by my side to make me laugh and smile when times were’nt all that great. When there wasn’t nothing to smile about.
But i refuse to forget how to smile. How to be happy. How to laugh and not always take everything to seriously. Loosen up and let go. You will be amazed what will become of it. Becomes of you.

But there is an ugly side to this also. I understand that not everyone has somebody to make them happy. Someone to make them smile and laugh. So i say this to those who feel like there is nothing left. That all is lost. Wake up with a smile, let others see you smile. Let that smile be contagious. People cant help but ask what are you smiling about.

There’s a simple answer to that question. I’m alive. I’m breathing.


John Phet
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John Phet

Gooooooooood Morning social media.

My name is Johnny Phet and im 33yrs old. I have been in prison since the summer of 2002.
I am a juvenile serving life without parole for aggravated murder(s) and assault(s).
I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by great and loving people who cares for me.
As a juvenile, i failed to realize this. But now as an adult ive come to understand that in order to move past certain things in our lives we must have people who cares enough to tell you if you are wrong. Who arent scared to tell you the truth when you need to hear it.
So, that is a quick preview of who i am. Hopefully my blogs will paint a clearer picture for all to see. Until next time.

John Phet
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