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I guess this is the mayday voyage for me in blogging, so i’ll try to cover a few bases. So i have been reading a book that deals with the five stages of grief. SHOCK,ANGER, DENIAL,BARGAINING, ACCEPTANCE. What i wonder is, how do they decide which comes first. How do psychologists conclude which one you experience first when faced with grief. I really don’t think there is an outright order. There are times when you go through the first two stages, and then your subconcious self gets stuck at the ANGER stage. Then in no time the whole cycle restarts all over again. I think the only way one can completely heal, is by hitting rock bottom.since from there, there can never be any other way to go, but up. The only way to finally heal is, when it hurts so bad in your heart that its hard to breathe. To the point one finally accepts the obvious. You heart grows stronger, that you finally move on. so i do believe in the five stages of grief. Only question is, in what order of occurrence. Its easy for a person to say” just let it go” but i think the best remedy is the same ancient formula. “THE HEART ONLY ACCEPTS ONLY WHAT THE HEART WANTS TO ACCEPTS”.

Recently someone asked me why i always have a smile on my face, even when sometimes it doesn’t seem like i should be smiling. I almost concocted a tale like the one the joker loved to narrate in the first DARK KNIGHT. I am almost tempted to come up with a bizzarre tale that would make the jokers story look more credible. But the real reason why i smile is, knowing every morning that there is air to breathe.and every person has the ability to make a difference in the world, no matter the circumstance. “KWAHERI” for now. But not goodbye for long.— AFRICAN JOE.

(kwaheri-swahili- meaning goodbye.)

Joseph Njonge
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Recently,a friend asked me ‘how i was able to get along with so
many people having come from a different country. I had to
Think over my answer so i wouldn’t sound rude.

So let me start by noting to all my readers that i was born in
Kenya. I speak four languages and somewhat a mixture of
Accents. I grew up in 28 countries. I am a kenyan by birth
And british by naturalization. So lets go back to the question.
I simply realised that there was no actual answer to such a
Question. Its one of those things that other people notice
of yourself, but you never note of.

So i never noted that i was able to get along with people
from all walks of life. For me one thing that i have learned
from all that traveling,is that we live in a world of
preconcieved notions, where its normal to judge.

So when i get around a different environment, i
am not worrying of what the people around me will
think or feel when they note that i am from a foreign
land. my interest in other cultures and people
overwhelms the thought of being judged or the sheer
thought of being stereotyped.

My maternal grandma always said that, ‘strong people
always find joy and hope no matter the circumstances.
because no matter what you go through, the sun will
come out tomorrow. And the world will keep on
turning. One mile every four seconds. Carrying us to
the next morning’. So why should i care about
Issues that don’t help me advance in life.

So i would like to get some feedback from my
readers. Please contact me through
Through email. Or by snail mail,

Stafford creek correctional ctr
191 constantine way,aberdeen wa,98520.

Lets have a conversation. And also i do welcome
Questions. Thanks for the audience. “KWAHERI”

Joseph Njonge
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“When nothing seems to help, i go back and look at a stonecutter hammering away at his rock perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it.

Yet at the hundred and first blow it will split in two, and i know it was not that blow that did it-but all that had gone before”—- 19Th century– JACOB RIIS.

Its simple, your past must connect with your present to create your future.

Thats where culture and history meet. majority of the younger generation is loosing a major part of their culture. identify who mahatma gandhi, martin luther king, nelson mandela, were .

Nor know the major contributions in changing some of the worlds ideologies. Its easier to bask in the final product, reap the benefits that were cultivated by such icons, but to forget nor take for granted, the sacrifices this icons gave is beyond digust. this misfortune is beyond color barriers. It does not necessarilly affect a single group of people but rather its vast across race lines. Its important that we pass the culture and history to that next generation, lest they forget the mistakes and atrocities done in the past. This is a better way of preventing reoccurrences. pass along history and cultural valuations. There is no harm in one knowing where he is coming from, to be able to know where he is going. That is the only way of being at peace with the past. Acknowledging and passing along the culture. Good culture. teaching the history.


Joseph Njonge
DOC #332783