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The darkness of a new day, the blast of a cold wind, the wetness of a raindrop, the falling of that first snowflake.

The skyline’s ever changing array of color begins with a blackness that’s truly Blue, evolving into a Blueness that is you, changing to a Yellow Orange that is really Gold, and on rare occasions a Blood Red eclipse that is really old.

Celebrating a New Year (planet), enlightened minds, evolutionary thoughts, making All nations (city’s, towns) great; building a box and closing the lid, screaming whose afraid of the big bad???

We the people. Once a long time ago, now we is I, the people are individuals, and the end may once again look like the begining.

Lennie Cain
DOC #634796


Lost without the lifeline that you give to me each day, I would sit all alone grieving a losrt Life, a lost Soul, a lost Heart.

My wish is to live in only that special love you have to give. So open your hearts love to mine, and together we will be one and not two in the day’s in which we live.

My days are spent always seeing your face, and desiring to caress your lips, to have just a taste of the one I truly miss.

My body always warms to your slightest touch, while my heart cries out from missing you so very much.

The tears I shed were waiting for your loving kisses, while my love for you goes beyond your deepest hearts wishes.

I have lived a lonely life inside myself without a place to really call home, but now I have found true Love, and know longer will I ever be alone.

And while I sit far away writing out what is my true love for you, I cannot help but wish that you love me too.


We chance to look back at the past, and times of old, when we thought we were brave and yes very bold.

For some the age is eight, twelve, nine or ten, what some would not give to be that young again.

Our lives were filled with survival, and staying alive on those cold – cold streets, every penny ment food or something hot drink.

We have slept in places that people could not conceive of, and we have eaten out of garbage cans that people would not even think of.

We have begged for your pennies while you passed us by in the rain, and we have slept in your garbage cans to get out of the rain.

We have walked until our feet were numb from the pain, and wished for deaths rescue at the point of your Gun.

How some of us made it through those times know one can really say, but to all you mother’s reading this we were Run-A-Ways.

I try to write from my truth, pain, hope, and my heart. Thank you for the responses, and continue to write.

Lennie Cain
DOC #634796


The abuse of a child takes many
forms, yet in some households it is
considered the norm.

Spanking is very different from being
slapped, punched or, beat black and
blue, some parents are so passive
there is simply nothing that they will

Most parents hope to stop the abuses
their parents passed down to them,
while others will pass it down again
and again.

The day will come when that child will
turn the truth or lie back against you,
then it will be a cell in detention, while
you are in prison too.

The day will come when this behavior
could see its end, then parents and
children can be the best of friends

Lennie Cain
DOC #634796





A love was that keeps lovers apart, is
destined to be an endless life
loneliness and separation.

A love that cannot be, because of one
persons fear, will never get beyond the

A love that is set aside for the living of
ones own life, cannot cheat an
unexpected death.

A love that whose foundation is
whole, existence real, a center empty,
can only dissipate within the
blackness of that center.

A love that can never get beyond one
persons Heart does not exist, or does


The tears I have shed can only dry
upon my face, while your touch is not
here to wipe them, nor your kiss to
accept the taste.

My Heart cries out each day and
night, as my Soul slowly dissipated
before know one’s eyes.

I sit within the darkness of my room,
and wonder if this is how it feels to

I have know one in my life, and
sometimes I cannot even feel me, my
Soul is trapped in this bodies shell,
would that it could have always been

I realise now that you have never been
right beyond my touch, and I cannot
miss what I have never had, but I
have loved you much to much.

I don’t need to hear sad songs or, live
in this constant pain, I can only wish
not to be reborn and go through this

Lennie Cain
DOC #634796

First Winters Chill

With the coming of the wind, seasons will
will change, summer love is gone, friends
say their goodbye’s, and children will cry.

Mothers and fathers cuddle by a late night
fire, in warth, happiness, and desire.

Their love-making is beautiful, tender and
Oh so sweet, as the love from the past, and
future meet.

Sharing the warmth until they have had
their fill, awaiting the next year, and that
First Winters Chill.

I wrote this one during the winter time, wishing to be by the fire, sharing the warmth and love of a special lady.

Lennie Cain
DOC #634796

Paris, France, Rome, Italy

The fragraance from a field of flowers can
change the Twilights Sky Golden, the Moon
a Crystal White, and the face of a child into
an Ice-cream smile.

Within that sweetness you find a tower
slanted, statues that have weathered the
passage of time, and canals that carry love.

Accented in the voices of many thousands,
you will find him or her, then fall in love
in a place where anything can occur.

All who come to visit have cherished each
and very day, while some have never moved
on, they are here to stay.

I wrote this when I had a release date beyond my life expectancy. Besides Television, my mind was the only way I could travel, so I let it take me to places my heart desired.

Lennie Cain
DOC #634796


Listen for the sound of a pebble fallng from
a mountain top.

Listen for the sound of a Snowflake as it
softly drops.

Listen to clouds as they slowly pass, or
even the growing of a blade of Grass.

Listen to the Sun as it begins to rise, or
as it is passing before your very eyes.

Listen for a sound as the fish pass you by,
or understand the reason why.

We seek to learn the mysteries of man,
but vast are they upon this land.

Our children are the future of the great
land, yet we kill, and destroy all that we

H2O, our trees, an Ozone layer, we leave
for them not one prayer.

The nuclear age is what we say, but blink
an eye, and blow us away.

When death to us all comes and it will,
there will be not contact or tiny cure pill.

The have said “Live and Learn” throughout
ages past, but all it will take is one Nuclear

Wasteland’s, starvation, destitute people
shall inherit this Earth, from the day of our
death, to the day of their birth.

In this poem the message is sent, let us
stop all the madness, or death is our end.

There was a time when I was seeking publication. And I submitted this particular poem among other’s, because of its truth. It made it to the final three, and even may have been picked, I just don’t know. But for those of you who haven’t read this I hope you like it, and for those who have, I hope it made you think.

Lennie Cain
DOC #634796