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From Barely Human:

The snitch jacket

This title, ” snitch ” is the cover all jacket that the evil and idiotic use to cover wrongs committed and plans concieved to abuse the weak. More often than not it is a guise to protect the wicked more so than a soft counsel to remind ones to mind your own business. A perfect example of this is when I was in county jail and a guy asked for the time. I was in 9 house in the hole and from my vantage point I was the only one that could see the clock on the wall. So as often as it happened I was asked what time it was by 12 house. However 11 house answered” its 11:30″. When 12 house asked the obvious question ” how would you know?”
11 house answered ( in the hearing of all) that he had been in a fight and was transferred to the hole but during the transfer the officers had not found the watch he had concealed. Funny thing was, he confessed, the watch was not his own but belonged to the person he had been fighting with.
As it happened, this ” hole confession ” was given right as a nurse was passing out medication on the tier. So of course she left the unit and moments later returned with officers who searched the cell 11 and subsequently found the watch. So after all had left the unit 11 house screamed out” Man! one of ya’ll snitched on me!”
He started his inquisition with 12 house.
” Hey 12 house, did you snitch on me?”
12 house responded,” what ? are you crazy? we boyz since childhood, I cant believe you would ask me that!”
11 house continued,” Hey 10 house, you snitch on me?”
10 house ” no way man..I was asleep.”
Finally he gets to my house…” hey 9 house, you snitch on me?”
Anger just boiled up in me over this whole snitch ordeal, the idea that idiots like this deserved to be protected from their own malice and you know how I answered…..
” You’re damn right I did !”
” But why ?..Why would you do that? ” pleaded 11 house.
” Because you got a watch…and I dont ! ” I responded.
So thats what I think of the snitch jacket, what do you think? email me @

Michas Taitano
DOC #798487

Intro Letter

Hello I am Half\Human and I want to tell you the story of how I accidentally catfished a catfish.
An associate of mine wanted to get online to find a girlfriend. So he tells me “I’m gonna write something like,’ ho..I want you on my team, I’m all about havin many hoes and not just one. So if you wanna write me then find me at….”
So I say to him,” man yo dont want to do that. You know that I’m the writer of the book Chasing Casey which sells worldwide, let me write your intro letter for you.”
So he loves that idea and so I write a very educated intro for him thinking to myself that I’m just helping a friend.
Well the next thing I know he’s getting responses from all over the world, which doesn’t bother me.. I mean.. I’m happy for him until…
So he gets this letter from an absolute bombshell from India.
So he tells me,” I’m gonna tell her ‘ho, you belong to me and you’re gonna be the first one in my harem.”
So he asks if that sounds good, and I say “no way man, this girl is respectable. So of course he has me write the response for him. Now I’ve lived in 9 countries and so I know a bit about India. So I respond using that awareness.
The next thing I know she sends him a picture and is sayin how much she likes the way he writes and is so intellectual.Ok so now I’m a bit jealous. So I tell him,” hey if she stops writin for some reason, let me get her address so I can write. He says ” well this girl loves me so I doubt it.”
So a week goes by and he gets another letter from her and tells me he’s going to write to her and tell her…” I’ve been folling you on twitter and facebook and I did a background check on you and you know what? I love you and I think you’ll never get out of my site cuz we’re made for each other.’
So he asks if I like the letter and I smile and say” yeah that sounds perfect. Send it!”
Next thing ya know, he’s all deppressed sayin that she stopped writing and he has no idea why. So I say well, let me get the address if she’s not writin.
I guess I kinda felt guilty for leading her on cuz it was not my intent and I intended to apologize. But as you might have guessed it, it turned out not to be the real girl at all. It turns out she was catfishing him because he seemed like a ” proffessional type” who might be a benificial friend.
So that the story of how I catfished a catfish. Got what I had comin huh?
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Michas Taitano
DOC #798487