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communication with friends/family

For me it’s of the utmost importance that I have some type of correspondance or communication with the outside world. But currently that seems to slipping away further & further from me. Which has been extremely difficult on my mental, but ,aybe the good lord will bless me with NEW friends from somewhere!?!? I really don’t know whats to become of this journey,but I do know that I will be free one day soon & hope to build a new foundation with someone special. Anyways, thanks for reading this…please tell me the meaning of staying in touch with your loved ones! I would lov eto hear from you on until then,
take care out there.

Ruben McGee
DOC #743792

Well whats-up Free World!!!!


It’s young Rubi here live from the concrete jungles of Cllallam Bay prison…wanting to express how important it is for those out there to take advantage of the WWW.JPAY.COM site, which is specifically designed for us incarcerated. I already know that people have everyday hustle&bustle etc-etc…but an email or letter goes a very long way for someone locked up!!!! Espaecially on the darkest days,we just need someone to brighten that on some sorta level & the JPAY is absoutley perfect for such matters! 🙂 Not to mention that everything is pretty much online now-a-days as it is,so …why not use that extra moment or two for a quick hello on the JPAY????
Family,friends, & strangers are all WELCOME
to get at me & share your stories about youre loved ones on lockdown…I want to hear from whoever has it in them to unleash their inhibitions!!! until then, please log on to WWW.JPAY.COM & simply put my name/doc#
and write to me directly on here with your world
until then,stay safe out there!

Ruben McGee
DOC #743792

TOPIC:Introduction-to the world

First off thank you for taking a sec out of your day to read this amature blog from a young man such as myself. My name is Ruben James Mcgee,A”Cancer” born on 6/21/77. Currently I am incarcerated for Assualt’1 Degree,with a sentence of 234-months,since 2004. On the downhill slope of this time & on my way out to the streets finally! This vacation has taught me to be patient & has really humbled me. But beaing single with very little community support is extremely harsh mentally,emotionally,& physically. To have any sort of communication/corredspondance with literally ANYONE out there would be such a blessing!!! 🙂 But lately no luck or maybe fate just ain’t ready to reveal that special someon eto me yet???? So until then I geuss i’ll keep on praying & hoping it all works out. Being all alone in here really sucks…so if you care to share your world with me,please dont be shy!!

contact me at:

Ruben Mcgee #743792
1830 Eagle Crest Way,CllallamBay,WA 98326


contact me on

Ihope to share with you poems,dreams,& lifes experieinces. thanks!!


Ruben Mcgee
DOC #743792


I can not live for tomorrow
so I surrender Today
to your friendship
delight is these inner feelings
that I have for you Today
How can I express the depth
of my feelings for our friendship
in a day for I can’t see what
tomorrow will bring
The opportunity is a chance of being friends
becoming as on heartbeat only in a day
that would last a lifetime of many tomorrows
yes… you & I
Inspiration of an angel is you
for these felings that you have inspired
within me deeply
to write this poem Today
You are the diamond that
I have searched for my whole life
and you were always right before
my eyes to have for all
my tomorrows…..

Bloggers share your poems with me!!!!
I just want to be your #1 Fan

Ruben McGee
DOC #743792


i have yet to recieve ANY responces to my blogs. . .seems to be a waste of stamps pretty much, so maybe someone out there can prove me wrong ?
Uh. . . nothing special going on today in here,just trying to stay positive & all that stuff.
kinda hard when i’m stuck in such a negative enviroment…but story of my life.Anyhow, feel free to tell me the story of your life,whoever you are!!! i’ll listen to you…& give you my point of view. I don’t have much stamps left on here so if I don’t respond blogs etc, then thats why.
Don’t have no job in here,pretty hard to get one on prison latley…anyways, enough about my boring burdens…maybe somebody will acually bolg me back one day…but as of lately no such luck for whatever reasons…I geuss people have better things to do.
oh well. it is what it is-
until whenevers or nevers…

Ruben McGee
DOC #743792


I am a native american from Canada,who is seeking correspondance with any & all
indians across the world. . .so please try to get at me ASAP to let me know what tribe you are
from etc-etc & what you’re about.

Ruben McGee
DOC #743792

Friendship needed

Here i sit in this concrete jungle. . .where being
patient is mandatory & life is a bit off balance
due to the disconnect from the real world. . .
so i am wishing for someone to brighten my darkest days. . .maybe you can assist me on this journey somehow,someway,someday. . .
until then. . .best of luck to you out there!
whoever you are,i hope to hear from you soon

Ruben McGee
DOC #743792