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Inside Prison


West Complex Walla Walla;
At lunch today we were served 1 Hot meal, and given 3 ‘Boat’ meals. In other words we were given 4 meals, three of them cold at one time.

WSP Policy Operational Memorandum 240.100 section 5 state; “At least 3 meals 2 of them hot will be provided at regular times during each 24 hour day, with no more than 14 hours between the evening meal and breakfast.”

This was responded to by myself and others who filed grievances. What the response to this is will take between 5-7 days.

As I prepare further information I am seeking legal recourse from the courts to invalidate the relationship between Correctional Industries and the Department of Corrections. This relationship is similar to asking the wolf to guard the hen house. There can only be one outcome, and that would be C/I is “Robbing them blind”.

Now why this is significant is because C/I is operated within DOC, and DOC uses your tax dollars to pay for over-priced meals and food. Then the money is put back into C/I, minus the employee salaries. Of course there are bonuses handed out.

What I do know, and this information is available to the public through public disclosure, is that the cost for feeding inmates was much cheaper before C/I took over the food service department. So why would the legislature, the house oversight committee, and other governmentalagencies that are aware of this allow the contract from C/I to continue.

This reeks of being a “nepotistic” style of business relationship.

Department of “CORRECTIONS”. “CORRECTIONAL” industries. One and the same? Parent company?
What exactly is hidden behind the veil of these two, one a business that is operated within the confines of the other. Where friendships and relationships are being created, and employees of each can transfer back and forth. The same food service employees who initially worked for DOC, now work for C/I, and still wear the same DOC uniforms that they wore as DOC employees.

They still wear the Blue identification badge assigned to DOC staff, and not the yellow one that the educators employed by the Community College wear, or the red one that Sponsors and visitors wear.

So where does the line between the two begin and end. I make the suggestion that it is connected and doesn’t end. The money flows to the upper levels in management.
I wonder to myself about kickbacks, and incentives, gifts and gratuities.

I wonder why these issues are not raised by others. Public funds are what is at stake. Tax dollars. Abuse of funds. Abuse of your dollars.

Please inquire into the relationship that exists between C/I and the Department of Corrections. Just type into your computer Washingto State Correctional Industries. See for yourself. ***Read the article in the Seattle Times written earlier this year about the mattress factory and tilapia fish farm, both run by C/I.

This is not some inmates wild imagination, this is what is going on in prison. The keepers of the caged are exploiting your tax dollars.

In the same OPERATIONAL MEMORANDUM, WSP 240.100 there are further conflicts and direct violations. These include the supervision of meals being served. There are no Food Service Employees overseeing the inmate workers who are passing out the meals. Where it states there will be an effort made to minimize regimentation, we have had nearly two months of meals served with zucchini at each meal.

Section 6 of this memorandum states The Superintendent may designate an employee to evaluate offender meals to determine Quality, Quantity, and Presentation being served. (Meal Evaluation Sheet, WSP 20-420(rev 5/14)).

The constant and consistent denial of inmate rights is shameful. We consider the officials who are given the authority to oversee the welfare of inmates, and to dispense state funds in an effective and efficient manner as knowledgable and responsible.

When in fact they are less than responsible and in many cases they are using such positions for personal agendas, which may or may not have hidden financial benefits due to payoffs and payouts from “Businesses who are ‘Close Associates’ of the Department of Corrections”.

For more information or confirmation of what I am referencing see WSP 240.100. Or go to RCW, REVISED CODE OF WASHINGTON 72.09.01 &
See specifically 72.09.450 HISTORICAL and STATUTORY NOTES.

Samuel Hawkins
DOC #706212

Prison Life

The days have been quiet, and the activities here are as normal as one could expect.

There haven’t been any incidents that attracted the attention of the administration.

There is a change occuring in the chain of command, midway through the ranks. The current Correctional Program Manager, CPM, Mrs. Estes is moving to a temporary position of Superintendent of a minimum ‘Camp’ facility. I believe it is Cedar Creek, or Larch Mountain.

The new CPM, will be current CUS, Correctional Unit Supervisor Barker.

My PRP, Personal Restraint Petition, was sent from the Super here in Walla Walla, to the Division 3 Court of Appeals. This PRP is based on my challenge of the Forbidden Three policy that has been enacted here at Walla Walla.

I am working on this alone, although I have sought appointment of Counsel through the Courts, because I would like this to be heard as a Class Action suit.

Since it effects or has the potential to effect anyone that is currently or may in the future be housed here.

With so little going on around here, I have little to tell you. That is not a bad thing though.

I will give you the latest update on Sgt. Forbes. First of all she has recently begun being referred to as the Bastard Executioner. Just a title befitting her.

Anyways, there is a fitness class that on alternating weekdays goes out in the morning and evening, depending on whether you are housed in the West or East side of the unit. This class is called The Wellness Program, and is an approved program, with inmates who assist other inmates in maintaining their health through yoga, low impact exercises, and cardio exercises.

It was approved for these inmates who participate in the Wellness Program to receive ten minute showers upon completion of the class, whether in the morning or evening. In the mornings there are no problems or complications.

You guessed it, in the evenings, Sgt. Forbes has ceased these showers. For what reason is unknown. What is known, is that the inmates in Delta, Echo, and Golf unit are not experiencing any of these problems.

I have suggested that the inmates file grievances on this issue. Personally I recommended that they file staff misconduct on her, since she has a history of implementing her own programs and following her own agenda rather than that of the Department of Corrections, The Washington State Penitentiary, or even that of Fox Unit.

Until she is held accountable for her actions she will feel confident in continuing to implement her own agenda.

Now the latest information that I have received is that Sgt. Forbes, has also been failing to authorize inmate workers in the SPL Sustainable Practices Lab showers when they return from work. So they have to wait in their cells through count, dinner and then possibly a unit recreation period if the side of the unit that they live on has first evening unit yard and dayroom.

This is just another version of her control of the unit.
The ‘Garage Door’ has been opened per the CUS, who told me he was not aware that she had been closing it. So he directed her not to have the officers on her shift to continue this practice.

Now my question is, why is someone that has twice made decisions that effect the orderly operation of the facility, and been directed to cease these activities not been reprimanded for the actions that she is making. And if she is being reprimanded, at what point does this become an issue to her superiors.

The issues that I express are not personal ‘Gripes’. Rather these are issues that effect all inmates in this unit.

I can only attempt to give a clear version of what I see or am told.
Many prisoners recognize my willingness to address positive changes and do so through the proper channels. I am well spoken and capable of aiding and assisting others in ways that they can communicate their issues and grievances properly.

Often grievances are returned with an explanation stating, Not a Grievable issue, or Re-Write for any number of reasons.
Other times it is returned after initial investigation with a response that essentially is a ‘brush off’.

The administration understands the cause and effect of these responses. They can cause inmates to feel as though the guard that guards the guard is the grievance coordinator. So it is difficult to have faith in the system.

Also many inmates will file a grievance, but by the time it is returned the issue is not as pressing, until it becomes an issue again. But since they do not pursue the grievance beyond the initial level, it remains within the hidden files in the confines of the facility. Whereas if you pursue your grievances to Headquarters it reaches the eyes of those who have the ability to address the situation from a less nepotistic perspective.

Samuel Hawkins
DOC #706212

Prison Lockdown…Continued

September 15, 2015
So the latest from the depths of the West Complex, is that today we have been given a somewhat greater freedom from the lockdown we have been under.
We are still receiving only 30 minutes of unit yard, no dayroom, and 1 hour of big yard. The big yard is still split in two ‘sections’ limited to one tier per yard. Where in the past we had one half of the unit, top and bottom tier on the yard together. It appears that this is an attempt to limit the number of people on the yard at a time.
So right now at most, there can only be 50 people on the big the past that number could be as many as 100.
We are receiving library, and law library now. The only other programs that have not returned to normal are education and religious activities.

Also just as an idea of what the administration is concerned about here.
My JPAY messages are being rejected and censored now for references to Sureno’s, Norteno’s, and Aryan Family all identified STG, Security Threat Groups, identified and recognized by DOC. In other words they do not want me to discuss the activities and events that are occurring here in Walla Walla by identifying any of the groups who may be involved.
Which essentially is a violation of my right to ‘Freedom of Speech’ among other things.
Also the jpay messages are supposed to be automatically appealed in case of rejection, but there has been no notification other than the rejection itself.

Thursday 17
Programs are back to normal with the exception of the yards and unit dayroom. Those schedules remain on a single tier to the big yard, and a half a tier to unit yard/dayroom.

Saturday 19
At 8:45 this morning their was a minor fight in the dayroom, that involved 2 people. Africans, that are cousins, and were actually cellies a week ago. They were running showers on the West half of the unit while the Saturday morning ‘hobby-craft’ program, drawing, beading was on that side. One of the cousins who had moved to the West Side, was out for showers, and the other who lives on my side, East half of the unit was out for hobby craft.
Ultimately the unit is locked down for a one on one fight, with no injuries, between two family members.
The irony of this is that the administration was aware of the hostilities that had erupted between the two. There were two or three outbursts between them in the unit, and they were both approached by officers about the situation.
The younger one was taken out of the unit supposedly because he said he was going to kill himself.
When he returned a week later he was sent to the other side of the unit.
This is the outcome.
We are locked down again for a fight. A fight. That’s all.
This is what prison has come to.

Fortunately we returned to the normal schedule at lunch.

Sunday-Afternoon Shift
The Third Shift as it is titled comes on at 2:00 p.m. and “doesn’t work” until 10p.m.. In Fox unit the afternoon Sgt., a lady by the name of Forbes, runs a very erratic, and dis-functional shift.
This is simply my perception, but she bulldogs her staff, they are scared to move without her, and most often if questioned about simple matters they are unwilling to make confident decisions.
Occasionally they will visibly respond by shaking their heads no, and either point to or give a look in her direction.
She consistently makes bad decisions and directs her officers to act according to these decisions.
An idea of what some of these decisions are:
1. When we come out for chow, allowing 15 seconds and then closing the cell doors. Often times the amount of time it takes to pick up your tray and return to your cell may be as short as 30-45 seconds. Then you would have to wait another 15-30 seconds for the officer in the booth to open your door again. This was her idea, and only occurred during her shift.
Just one reason why this was a stupid idea is because in the event of a fight or some other ‘security’ issue, we are unable to enter our cell.
This went on for between 1 & 2 months.
Then it stopped.
2. Next on her list of brilliant ideas, was to lower the garage door-window where we pick up our meals. This makes inmates unable to see who is serving their food or who/what is going on behind the window.
Again, this is her idea, and only conducted on her shift.
3. Directing staff to conduct cell searches at times that are not conducive to proper staffing. Cell search was initiated at 10 minutes to 4. But because of count at 4, and subsequently chow and the necessity to have officers ‘standing mainline’ the search was not conducted until 6:37. It was not completed until 8pm. During this time the two inmates were kept in a holding cell. Less than half the size of a cell.
On another occassion, officers were conducting a cell search and this delayed yard for 20 minutes.
This Sgt. brings a level of discomfort to the unit. Inmates are on edge when she is here, and staff or on pins and needles.
It is like at 2pm the unit is turned upside down.

Today is Sunday and I laugh because it is the Sgt.’s weekend today and tomorrow. The unit is more relaxed, the guards are sitting down talking, watching football on the unit tv, even the c/o in the booth has made his way to a position that he can check the game out.

If only she would take the rest of the week off.

September 22,
We have returned to a mostly regular schedule. The unit yard, being the only change. Which is half a tier for 45 minutes, instead of the whole
tier for an hour.

Samuel Hawkins
DOC #706212

Still On Lockdown

September 6
The lockdown continues. So does the confusion.

This incident began a week ago in a seperate quadrant of the prison. That quadrant contains Norteno prisoners. D&E. When an incident there occurs, it is contained within those two units. The same goes for this quadrant, which contains Sureno prisoners.
But as we continue to remain on ‘modified’ lockdown status the frustration grows. We are allowed out to unit yard for 30 minutes a day, half a tier at a time. We are served chow at lunch, half a tier at a time(which is normal), yet at dinner it is a quarter of a tier. We are receiving showers daily, and access to jpay every other day(normal).

Each morning a piece of paper is slid through the door, and it gives us our daily update. Which has not changed since about Thursday. It is signed by the ‘Incident Commander’ who has changed three times.

Make that 4 times now. The first one I do not recall, I did not know the name. But the other 3 have been Carla Schettler, associate superintendent of minimum custody(camp). Brent Caulk, associate superintendent of the West Complex, and now Steve Barker, who if I am correct is the CUS of either D or E unit.
Yesterday, Saturday, the Superintendent came through the unit. He spoke to the guards but had nothing to say to his ‘wards’.
Which is not really a surprise. I have written him at least to letters recently, regarding the conditions of confinement, and he has not responded at all.
I was fortunate enough to catch him a few weeks ago on another lockdown and speak to him briefly. He gave me the standard ‘Safety and Security’ speech accompanied by his ‘just doing my job’ line.
I spoke with a few officers since this recent lock down began, and they are just as confounded as we the prisoners are, thay this is being drug out for so long, and that they have affected similar restrictions in F&G as they did in D&E.

Dinner these evening on the menu was supposed to be meatloaf, but it appears that due to the holiday tomorrow, Labor Day, C/I has decided to add to their expenses for us a holiday meal. It consisted of a ‘meatloaf’ patty, baked beans, cooked zucchini,carrots, a hamburger bun, and a banana, along with the single packet of ketcup and mustard which affords them the ability to equivocate that they provided us a ‘holiday’ meal.

The afternoon of September 7, the officers came over the unit intercom to inform us that we would have visiting tomorrow. The only problem with this is, we had our 30 minutes out for the day and have NO way to contact family or friends to tell them that they could come and visit.

These are the simple acts that are not thought out by those who have been placed in a position of authority.
If they are unable to coordinate this simple task, how can we expect anything more complicated. Unless we are to accept that these are intentional decisions on the part of the administration.
Either way, I do not think that these are the right people to be making decisions.
The safety of the prisoners, staff and community are in the hands of people who are making decisions that are hasty, and perilous.

It is Tuesday the 8th, and we finally received cleaning supplies for the first time today, since this current lockdown, which appears to be continuing.
We haven’t received the paper with the 24 hour notification yet, but it will be here soon I’m sure.
Surprise, no notification paper today, yet the program is the same. 30 minute unit yard, showers, jpay, and chow. We are walking around the unit dayroom as usual to pick up our meals. And although the facility is on this modified movement, no programs(religious, education, or law library), the administration still needs its “Muster Day”. So we are receiving a hot lunch, along with a Dinner ‘boat’ and Breakfast boat for tomorrow.

The C/O’s said that the reason we didn’t get a paper was bacause didn’t have any changes with the exception of visits.
I guess the budget can’t stand all of these papers being issued. It must get expensive passing out copies to 132 cells per unit each day.
I know my frustration is building.

From what I hear I am not alone. Prisoners are getting upset, and the staff are upset, and confused as well. The guards don’t know what is going on either. They don’t hear much more than we do. Maybe a rumor here or there. But the administrative staff are so far removed, little information is passed down until they say ‘go’.
That’s the update for today.

Wednesday the 9th
The paper came through the door this morning with the updated program for the ‘modified’ lockdown.
We received our usual thirty minute unit yard, along with an additional hour to the big yard. The big yard however was split between the two tiers. So the bottom tier was assigned to yard 1 & the top tier was assigned to yard 2.
Then the West Side of Fox Unit was let out for Big yard in a similar fashion.
As well Golf unit had evening yard under the same schedule.
We also will be authorized to attend Religious services now.
Delta & Echo units remain locked down.

Samuel Hawkins
DOC #706212

Another Prison Lockdown

We are on lockdown again. This time something occured in D&E unit again. I have no information what it was, but due to the last situation that happened last weekend it is very possible that this is merely a continuation of those events.
I have to consider whatever happened as much more serious than what has been the cause of the previou lockdowns, because this situation has effected us in F&G quad.
What I can say of the previous event that caused D&E to go on lockdown is that the Norteno’s attacked a group of white inmates and it was between 10-15 Norteno’s, and only 4-5 whites. Apparently these whites were a group called the AF(Aryan Family). Supposedly the Skinheads, another white group did not aid the AF during this attack, which by prison rules/politics if your race is attacked by another it is expected of you to assist your ‘people’ regardless of the subsets that exist.
The white inmates were thus at a significant loss of numbers and took an extremely bad beating.
From what I have heard 4 people left on stretchers.

As to last nights events I can not say, other than E unit had big yard, and the initial event was in D unit. They have been on modified lockdown, only allowing smaller than normal amounts of inmates out of the cell to yard. I belive one tier on each yard, instead of the normal one pod. In essence they cut the normal amounts in half.

As we remain locked down the Hub-Kitchen, workers from F&G units are being allowed out to work, and have been approved to work the D&E units shifts.
So it is apparent that the administration does not anticipate any problems from the F&G unit inmates. Yet we remain locked down…

So the first information that I/we the prisoners in Fox unit have received came via the local news. It appears that the cause for the lockdown was a large melee’ in the big yard involving approximately 60 inmates.
There were multiple ‘Warning’ shots fired.
I wil not have the complete information of what transpired until we come off of lockdown. But I won’t be able to send this until that time either.
It is September 2, and all units in the West Complex remain locked down. We are receiving showers today, along with commissary that arrived as scheduled. But not much else.


Smiles are hard to find here.
It is Thursday the 3rd, and we are coming out for 30 minutes of Unit yard, half a tier at a time. We also are coming out to pick up chow, half a tier at a time(which is normal).
Hopefully we will return to normal programs tomorrow.
It is tomorrow, and we are not on a normal program. 30 minute unit yard again. We are going to have showers and jpay.
The irony of this situation is that nothing has occurred in our unit or quad, yet we remain in this locked down status. The individuals involved were Norteno’s and Whites. Those groups are not housed together in this unit or quad. So the significance of locking our quad down is retributory at best. There serves no point or purpose for the continued lockdown of F&G units.
The seperation of the four units is to allow them to be operated individually, and independently of one another, as well as segregate factions of gangs, or individuals who can not be near one another due to criminal behavior(no contact orders) or previous fights or assaults on one another.

If the administration is allowed to continue to operate in this manner and fashion, we can expect that this will be the normal operation for any event. They justify their actions, with safety and security of the orderly operation of the institution.
What exactly does that mean?
If we are constantly locked down, that creates a disorder of its own.
Also during these lockdowns, we are not allowed visitors, or provided an opportunity to inform our families that visits are cancelled and we are on lockdown. If we are fortunate enough to have a counselor who will take the time to listen to us, they may make a call for you. But that is not required of them.

If you are interested or willing to help change the process and procedures that are in place, please contact me, Walla Walla, DOC Headquarters in Olympia, or Columbia Legal Services.
Inform them of what the issues are here.
The need for them to be “looked into” and appropriate changes made.

Thank you for your help.

Samuel Hawkins
DOC #706212

Lock Down

We’re back on lockdown again, just another episode in the adventures of the West Complex, where the routine that exists is on again off again, over and over again and again.
The Superintendent walked by the tiers today, and I had an opportunity to speak with him. His ideology is that we need to be responsible to one another and hold each other accountable. This is not reasonable based solely on the individuals involved. It is also not reasonable to expect a group of people who are displaying violent tendencies to be reigned in by others who are expected to be productive, non-violent, and demonstrate positive behavior. And at what point is the Administration supposed to be held accountable for the actions of the prisoners that they are responsible for.

I addressed these issues, but the road has already been paved. What is/has transpired here is now acceptable, and there is nothing being done to create a more positive environment for those individuals who do wish to program and do their time productively and positively.
DOC and Walla Walla is aware of the instigators, and is not attempting to cease the problems that it has created.

Superintendent Holbrook, said himself, that these problems are not arising in D&E Units. So exactly what is it that is creating the issues down here in F&G Units.
He can tell you, as well as the guards, other administrators, and Headquarters in Olympia.
They know what the problem is… The question is what are they doing to stop the problem?
We are losing time out of our cells, this includes showers, recreation, education, library, law library, religious services, visits, telephone, and jpay access.

This latest incident involved two pisa’s and three surenos. What or why, I do not know they are not my affiliation, and it is none of my business. I merely identify these two groups for informative purposes, to keep the outside world and those of you who are reading this up to date.
Until I have more to tell you I will sign off, I’m sure it won’t be long once we get out of our cells before there is another incident. I have definitely come to expect them.


It’s 1:00, and we are now off lockdown. They did their forbidden three sweep, and were only able to accumulate three t.v.’s, so I wonder what they will take next. 4 OCL’s went to a meeting with C/I today regarding the food. There were numerous issues brought up to include, quality, quantity, holiday meals, etc.. C/I states that there are two greenhouses up and running, and soon we should have some fresh vegetables besides zucchini, as a hot vegetable and cold vegetable for the same meals. We are also receiving green peppers, for a cold vegetable.
Who knows what to expect next.
This is the pit of despair.
Very little assistance by way of the administration to make changes. The appearance is there, since they have meetings, but the voices are not being heard. At least there are no accomodations being made.

My next concern is what do the adminidtrators think/expect to happen once the Forbidden Three restrictions have taken all of the property from one group of inmates? Are they merely going to accede to the program set in place for them to regain their property, or will they strike out even more, since they have nothing to lose. If you are willing to take the chance to lose what you have, what will you do when you have nothing to lose?
I suppose time will tell, because that is the direction that we are headed.


I just finished a conversation with a Correctional Officer regarding the meals being served here at the West Complex. This conversation arose based on my question to the Unit Sgt. about DOC policy, that the Superintendent would have an assigned staff member to taste the food. There was a questionairre that would be filled out documenting the meals visual appearance, taste, quality, and portion size. This served to assure that we were receiving quality meals.
The Sgt. was not aware if this policy was still in effect, but had not seen it occur in quite some time.
So as I returned to my cell inspecting my dinner tray I was again disgusted to see zucchini throughout my Turkey ala King, and also as the hot vegetable serving. I left my dinner tray sitting on the floor until the doors opened to take my tray out. Uneaten.
As I returned to my cell an officer addressed me and asked me if I had filef any grievances about the food? He specifically stated that he agrees with me that this food is unacceptable, and that he, and others have brought this issue up to their respective superiors, and the Union that they are assigned with.
I explained that the food is a very serious subject to be addressed within prisons. The safety issues that are created by neglecting prisoners through meals. And the necessity for the staff to address this issue.


I sent letters out tonight to Columbia Legal Services and the ACLU in hopes of receiving some outside assistance and support. One big obstacle that we as prisoners have is overcoming peoples perception that the State, DOC, and officers provide us with everything that we have coming. Or the “They wouldn’t do that” stigma.
The fact is yes we are given three meals a day. Are they realistically quality meals? I don’t know, is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on your menu 7 days a week for breakfast? Would you serve left overs for dinner every night? Because essentally that is what we are being served. Food prepared they day before, and reheated the following day.

I again prepared a letter to the CPM, to address the issues that were presented to the administration. And were never responded to. There have been absolutely NO further changes since the a.m. unit yard returned to regular.
By the way, I also received an outgoing email rejection to StoneCity on the 27, that stated my email from the 16th contained ‘mail advocating violation of WAC rules’. Yet I was not infracted.
If anyone is aware of whether or not any of that message made it out please let me know. Thanx.
That’s all for now. Will be back soon with the latest & greatest information from behind the concrete curtain of the West Complex.


Approximately 20-25 inmates were in the gym today, most of who could not go to the yard because of the Forbidden Three restrictions. The gym rules that have recently come into effect state that on alternating weeks the gym will be basketball and handball, and then volleyball and pickleball.
The hispanic inmates,(mostly or all) sureno’s sat down.
They were all taken to the hole-segregation, for ‘unauthorized group demonstration’.
This was followed by an immediate show of force by the guards. All of the inmates on the two big yards werd required to lay down on their stomachs and were then taken from the yards one by one, handcuffed, and escorted by two officers back to the unit.
Subsequently all of the inmates in education, law library and library were returned to their units without escorts or restraints. Although they walked past approximately 50 guards, some with sheilds, others with shotguns, and finally past 5more guards in camoflauge all with some sort of weapon.
This was so routine, it appeared to be either a drill or training.
After two counts, dinner and breakfast were delivered. Two sack meals, called boats.
Ironically we had two boats earlier today. Both distributed last night. So by lunch tomorrow we will have had 4 straight sack lunches, boats.
This all wihout a punch, or any acts of violence or destruction of property. NO AGGRESSION. And of course we are locked down again.
At 7:00pm we were returned to normal operations. Showers and unit yard. At least someone had enough common sense to recognize this was not cause for another lockdown. Too bad it came after we missed a hot meal.


This is the most unbelievable sight I have seen. All of the Mexicans who went to the hole yesterday, for sitting down in the gym returned to general population today, 24 hours after they shut the entire facility down to remove them from the gym, called the SERT TEAM in as a precaution and show of force and removed everyone from the yards, and othet activities.
———————————————————————————————After going to the yard tonight I have been told that what happened was all of the individuals in the gym were actually on Forbidden Three Restrictions and unable to go anywhere else. The guards never questioned them until after they were in the hole. They jumped the gun and panicked. There never was a sit down. The mexicans simply went to the gym for the sole purpose of getting out of their cells. What they have been doing since the majority of them lost their big yard access to Forbidden Three Restrictions. This is further proof of the Forbidden Three not working, and the administration acting hastily.
I apologize for the delay in sending this out. I had to pick up some stamps from the post office, all appreciation due to my good friend Ismail who funded the purchase. A positive individual who has successfully transitioned to the streets, and hasn’t forgot us.

Samuel Hawkins
DOC #706212

Prison Lockdown

Here we are again, faced with another of these “LockDowns” that everyone that comes to Walla Walla’s West Complex is familiar with. Families and friends I’m sure have heard of the irrelevance of many of these quote “lockdowns”. As a prisoner,(and I have been such for the past 22 years) I do understand the necessity of institutional safety. But as I see now these “lockdowns” for minor altercations are more of a tool of harrassment, and to discourage future acts. IT’S NOT WORKING!
At some point you would expect that the Administrators who are in charge of these things would see that locking the unit down for 2-3 and 3-5 days, every time there is an incident is not having any effect on the number of incidents that are occuring.
For instance today there was a fight on the big yard. Two individuals, one of which got the upper hand, and so the others friend tipped the balance back in his friends favor and then ceased any further assistance.
Mind you when it was all said and done, none of the combatants had serious or even visible injuries. The majority of this “fight” was a wrestling match. Many of the punches that were landed were to the back of one inmate who was curled up, with only his back exposed.
Yet wr are again in our cells, a paper slid through the door, to inform us of are temporary loss of programs.
No workers, no yard, gym, phone calls, jpay, religious services, law library, showers, visits, or anything else outside of the cell. Meals and medication will be brought to the cell.
This will encompass the whole unit, which is split in two “pods”. Fox East, and Fox West. Even though the incident took place in Fox East today, the West Side also is “locked down”. In 2-3 days, the guards will come around and take up to 6 peoples propety, for each of the individuals involved, that means potentially as many as 18 people could lose their t.v., radio, shoes, yard priveleges, dayroom priveleges, visits, ortelephone priveleges for up to 30 days. No infraction, no hearing, no appeal, no DUE PROCESS. For simply being an associate of any of the involved parties.
I must impress on you that very few of these incidents are accompanied by serious injuries. These are not people being hospitalized, and while I do understand that I may sound desensitized, and apathetic, I accept the sometimes violent nature of my surroundings. I do try to keep my things in perspective, and this means that ” I am in prison “.
So there will be these recurring acts. It is just unfortunate that the administration can not find a better way to address these situations, that does not repeatedly confine an entire unit for these minimal acts of violence.
As I know more I will add to this, over the coming days.
JULY 24, 2015
Sure enough, the guards showed up at 12:00 this afternoon and are taking shoes, t.v.’s, and jp4’s. So far there are 5 peoples property sitting on tables in the dayroom and there is still a stack of papers to be issued to others.
The only good thing about this is that we will be, or should be coming out of our cells as soon as they are done.

Samuel Hawkins
DOC #706212