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Confined to tragedy:

There is a TV show I enjoy very much. it is called “60day in”, on the A&E Network. you can stream it online. This show take seven voluntarily everyday people and places them undercover as inmates in a real jail. The volunteers go in with the assumption that they are to go in and only observe what goes; who are the shot callers, how are drugs coming in, where do inmates hide stuff. The Officers don’t even know about the undercover program.

The reality is jail and prison is a hostile social environment. These “normal people”, start to think like inmates. this is because humans are not made for incarnation. I can not give this show its justice. I see this show as a social experiment that is going to open your eyes to how officers think and how inmates think and how you may think of jail and prison.

keep in mind that on TV shows such as “60days in”, they show the highlights of the 60 days. so not all the violence and crazy stuff happens every single day but it does happen. However, to me the violence, arguments, the stuff that shocks and amazes you is the normal stuff. what is important is the mental changes people have.

how someone can think; inmates have it easy and criminals are getting what they deserve. To crying and thinking; “I would not wish jail on my worst enemy”, “Jail is absolutely horrible”, “I need PTSD therapy after this”. The first group of inmates that went through the program had a police officer go undercover. she quit her job soon after the program because she understands what incarnation does to people. now she helps new releases from incarnation rather then putting us away.

please watch the show and see where your empathy sits.

Sandor Rivera
DOC #359332

confined to tragedy


My name is Sandor, I am at Stafford Creek Corrections Center in Washington state. I want educate people about prisoners and our mental state behind these walls. Many men have a hard time expressing what we have on our minds or feel. It is a constant battle for understanding. I hope my way of expressing my self will leave an impact.

I feel disconnected but I’m still looking for the reconnection, sometimes I feel helpless and hopeless as Mom cries over the phone, Dad is getting tired, Sister is non existent and my nephews are suffering,

I see violence, hear of rapes and seen suicides in my environment, tragedy is in my normality I’m enveloped in my tragedy, It’s pain within my flesh, anger within my chest, everyday is a losing battle I’m struggling for my composure, I got insidious serious violent suicidal tendencies invading my cranium, neurological trauma, psychological drama, I’m losing my mind due to this time,

So I self medicate to meditate over open bibles, arced sockets, blowing smoke overloading the frontal cortex, in context its brain damage I’ll chemically induced to help forget these 23years of continuous mental abuse,

Its punishment they want to dish out so they say I need to change my behavior, seven years not a threat or a lippy lip, they want behaviour change from a non behaviour problem, if they really knew me they would choose to learn from me, to school them on the economic collapse of hope and tragedy, to bring to focus The Republic of Plato and make sense of chaotic non sense from a Theory of Non-sense,

self educated with a interest in three majors, they see me as criminal so they scrutinize, but there’s a fine line between truth and lies, Jesus Christ never lied but they still crucified, yet they still wanna judge another, its the principle and justice is skewed, not a problem till you’re facing time feeling disconnected too.

Sandor Rivera
DOC #359332