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IT’S THE REMINDERS, that keeps us focused….

*Indeed all praise is due to God, we praise Him and seek
His aid and assistance and forgiveness..

We seek refuge in God from the evil within ourselves and the evil of our actions..

O’ people,, fear your lord who created you from a single soul and created
from this soul it’s mate and sent forth from the two of them
many man and woman..

Rhetoric and argumentatious in affairs of Religion, and pointless debates is considered a newly invented affairs and it can sow the seed of doubt
in the heart and prevent one from recognizing that which is true
and correct..

And knowledge involves following and practical application..

Applying it helps us to understand the sickness and it’s cure..

I testify that there is no deity worthy of
worship except God and Muhammad is his final Messenger..

It is God who realizes -(make true)- the hope and may He
generously bestow upon us blessing in accordance to what is right, the
truth, guidance and uprightness upon the correct path by his favour and benevolence.

The End….

Take care *

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318


*They’ll intrude on your thought’s, actions and belief’s wanting yours to be as theirs or similar, over powering yours dressing theirs up to be appealing in every way to and for you..

It may start slowly but in the process if your not a strong individual you’ll (loss the war and yours ways of speaking..

A small display of such motives can be seen from the unbalance ness
that’s all around in their life, confusion will always tell you a story,
the law is [it’s only for the people that play fair]..

Just because it looks fun, or looks good to eat, or sounds
good, do not get fooled to be the fool..

To be decieved is always another persons gain, it’s much knowldge to
be gain from pain and miss-moves made, only if your focused
and have the knowledge to winning this kind of war..

Have you been gotten ? ?

Robbed of your “inter” within rights ? ?

The functions of your thought process can be captured by a person with fancy wordplay, just as fresh smelling perfume captures one’s attention, all very similar, one is captivated..

Ok let me explain what I mean by your “inter” within rights..

They are yours, to be developed as you see fit to and for a
healthy life style created with the best of your abilities..

The guidance will come from your beliefs, what you hold to be
dear within, selfvalues , as to intrust, honestly respect, honour to and for..

It’s much more to that, the things that brings life to be
joyful, wonderful and so on, and good company is hard to find..

Your feelings, how you choose to say and do things, what thoughts
you give airtime to…

Along with the functional thoughts that flows into strong feelings about this or that, onto what’s important and why, all parts that make you
stand strong on your own and what makes you unique and able to
make sound decisions..

Some people have the ability to become tourist’s in your minds, only
if you give your rights away, and always saying yes can be
bad business..

It my be soon the time is coming were their worldly thoughts and feelings and many of their beliefs will become dismissible they will start to get old to you, for two reasons…

#1- you’ll want to start to have your own opinions and feelings about worldly issues, matters, situations and life, a say to and for all that has to do with you..

#2- you will come to see all that they say and do has a lot of negativeness for ones heart and soul or to much untruth will start to surface to the light…

Other matters, issues, ill ituations and acts towards others and yourself will surely drive you away from such people, I love calling the others..

You can’t be upset or mad at them cause someone else gave
them the inherited knowledge, bad and good ways, along with the wrong values and beliefs, its so much more and yes they are inheritor..

It’s so imperative that you surround yourself with people that love to
share their ideals, opinions, and real thoughts, and feelings, growth comes from ones actions and words..

Just as words have the power to make you happy or sad, all
depending on how words are spoaken, and on how you understand them..

The importance of honesty and seeking sound knowledge, on all types issues, matters, situations, learning is to have the rights to say I know and understand, and to be able to add to a conversation with honesty and knowledge is fun and it brings much growth..

It’s more serious then one being 11yrs old and finding out there really
aint no stanta closs..

Anytime you have to go back and fix something, it dam well should
piss you off cause you gave time to download something that you
thought was true..

You got to love the truth, but never the wasted time given to
listen to a person speak the untruth is to create a problem for another day..

The others get down like that lying just to kick it, they aint
living right or with the truth within themselves, hitch hikers for sure
and it shows their trying way to hard to fit in makes only
you a fool for trying to be who your not..

It happens when one is having a weak monment within their thought, or not havi,ng control of your thoughts give others people the power to places their beliefs and so on within you..

Mind played upon ? ? sometimes we just agree to shutdown the gibberish, that has nothing healthy and positive that will bring growth into ones life..

Just to reflect back in time I remember my brother wife was joining the army, and suddenly It came to be a good ideal to my mom and my siser inlaw that I should join also, (NOT)..

At that time I was banged out and running my own pharmacy in
the streets, having money, woman, and bunch of fun, well back then
that’s what I thought was fun..

Most of my life I didn’t take knowledge or beliefs from other people unless I
could add something of my own to it to make it work better
for me, pulse I never was one to like another person they were telling
me what to do..

Never been a follower or let other peoples negative thoughts or behavior affect me in anyway I always did me..

It’s their belief’s, folse hopes, negative ways and thoughts, it’ll bring you
down in a depressed mood, and to me it’s just way to much
to be happy and thankful for, like air..

I keep saying words hold so much power, yes even over your mind,
and your actions, only if you learn to control the power within
you and become versatile, with all you do and know, knowledge imperative..

For some people, yes it is to late for any get back,
they been got, it like not having a life cause another thinks for
you like they know what’s best for another..

That what fucks with my mental cause it’s your life, and I come
to dislike those who oppresse others..

Its many reasons why it’s a must that you always stand up for yourself
even if bad was to take place in the next moment, the important
part is you standing up for your self..

In less,, You have a handycap, or is dangerous to self and others,
and are on meds to you cool..

Many and I have said bullying is way out of line, and very uncool
people, if you see such an act and do not stop itsuch oppression
on another human being, that makes you the bad guy in my book,
very uncool and it’ll clearly show your not [JUST]..

We all have been giving a command by God, too act and share
good tidings..

Many people have settled on so many lies on different issues, situation,
and matters, the half truth has became the new fabb, and many
of the things that was never showed or said on TV has a
free run today..

The acceptance level of America in the last ten years is that anything
goes, Morals and Values are water down in bullshit reasoning that should never have gotten any air time,, and that’s why were really living
in our last days..

It’s hateful ways and incorrect of knowledge dealing in religion and history, and other issues on the daily, we can save others that’s
not so far gone on this journey of destruction that have no
reason or place to be in ones life..

For example, of being irritated, agitated, hyper, cranky, and super – intense – states that all go together very eastily – these states will seem to
us to be perfectly normal…

We won’t see any good reason for not being that way…

Thinking it’s normal, we’ll even assume everyone else is the same way,
and accuse others of being irritable, agitated, angry, or whatever…

If we allow this disease of our thought process along with the unhealthy thinking patterns to have it’s way regularly, especially daily, then you are not being the best you can be…

This makes you an inheritors, yes by you not doing the homework,
the math people brings success within your temple, you must understand all we see and hear shouldn’t get airtime…

But you can’t do something different until you seek the knowledge that would give you newer productional thoughts with the tools to not just
think differently, but it’s real lovely to be who you are…

We have to develop the power to fight off the influence of
such diseases as they arise, it’s so many very wonderful reasons why
it’s of the most importance to seeking knowledge, too when is to
know and understand..

For this we must develop tolerance and endurance…

When was the last time you became happier when you heard someone saying something about you ? ?

Isn’t this a refreshingly new perspective ? ?

If we can bear blame without cringing, our tolerance and endurance are
in good shape..

If we became immediately defensive – I don’t do that ! I’m not that way !
it is a sign that one need to develop
more inner strength..

Even if we are blamed for something we did not do, that
we know nothing about, we still shouldn’t be thrown off center and
give in to having negative emotions..

One can remain composed and calm, and handle the situation in a light
and creative manner..

I love calling this (THE ANEW), because at this time you get to
respond not like everyone else, or the old you, but in a new
creative fashion this will bring you new resolutes..

Criticism and ridicule are extremely purifying.

Public embarrassment may be a great blow to the ego, yet are you
bring attention to yourself, that also can damage the ego..

When we create different thoughts we think differently so having thoughts that things are hard or something is going wrong, that should be a sign for you to develop patience and tolerance, so if and when
you have to assist or handle a situation your toolbelt is full..

We can shift our perspective so that anything can be seen in a
positive manner at any given time, that decision is your, in saying
how would I Iike to precieve this matter, and you have rights to ponder..

To put it plain and clear God told everyone you will be tested..

So you should look to gaining something from all issues, situations, and altercations, and remember knowledge is the words that holds the power from how you use them…..The End…..

Take care *

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318


*When times are tough, uncertainty is high, and chaos threatens to overwhelm everyone, followers need a clear picture from their leader the most…

Thats when they need a leader who can embrace the uncertainty with answers and action that produces enery , passion, and motivation to keep going…

Good leaders are always conscious of the fact that they are setting
the eample and others are going to do what they do, for
better or wore..

When times are tough, uncertainty is high and chaos threatens to overwhelm everyone, followers need a clear picture from their leader the most..

That’s when they need a leader who embraces the situation at hand, that’s also when others will see the quality of a leader produce energy, passion,
and motivation to keep going..

Great leaders always seem to embody two seemingly disparate qualities..

They are both highly visionary and high practical..

Our vision enables us to see beyond the immediate..

One envision what’s coming and what must be done..

Leaders possess an understanding of how..

Mission provides purpose ~ answering the question, WHY ?

Vision provides a picture~ answering the question, WHAT ?

Strategy provides a plan~ answering the question, HOW ?

The higher you go in leadership, the more your work is about
the future..”

At the some time, leaders are pracical enough to know that vision
without action achieves nothing..

They make themselves responsible for helping their followers to take action..

Now sometimes that can be difficult because followers often can not envision the future as the leader does..

Leaders are stewards of the vision, so to assist another with a vision
is to communicate about the vision..

Don’t get me wrong : communication is certainly important..

Good leaders must communicate the vision clearly, creatively, and continually..

That’s not to say leaders have all the answers..

Anyone who has lead well know that..

Leaders who make the greatest impact are often those who lead well
in the midst of uncertainty..

We all have some kind of leadership quality one must just give
time to add to what’s there..

Why would anyone say these words ~ I CAN’T DO THAT,,,,,

Whenever you choose to use those words all you did was talk
yourself out of doing what can be done….

Take care *

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

WITH YOU JUST SHOWING UP, don’t make you a team player….

*It almost goes without saying that a team needs diversity in skills…

Can you imagine a polo team with all goalies ? Or a football team
of quartbacks ? How’s about a business where there are all salespeople, Or a nonprofit organization with just fun-raisers ?

It doesn’t make sense..

Some leaders are blind spots in this area.. In fact I used to be like one of them..

I’m embarrassed to say there was a time in my life when I
thought that if people would just be more like me, they would
be successful..

I’m wiser now and understand that every person has something to contribute..

We’re all like parts of a human body.. For that person to do
it’s best, it needs all of it’s parts each doing it’s known job..

A leader must recognize how each person on the team can contributes using his or her unique skills, and express your appreciation for them..

As you see I’m staying on the highway I just pray it’s giving, and the world is taking time to share your words….


Take care *

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

IT’S THE DELIVERANCE OF,,your word’s….

*The Gratitude given to the people that act upon another person’s struggle, that gratitude should be delivered when one is able..

The deliverance can be in your words face to face with the
person, or in a written letter to the person that supported your hopes..

Yes indeed it’s called the good looking out policy it’s bigger then
any selfish reasons cause it’s implanted in our hearts, to act to
say in most cases both..

First,, don’t say thank you unless you mean it..

Second,, tell WHY it was important TO YOU..

third,, say HOW it made a difference in your life..

It’s called the letter, now if your showing gratitude in your actions in doing something wonderful for them the same law stands forth..


Start by thanking what you learnd from this significant person..

Think about ways that the person has added to the enjoyment of
your life, our the way you appreciate life..

Think about the times that this person has sacrificed for you in
some way..

Think about times when this person might have been put in a bad
position because of something you did or didn’t do..

Saying thank you is also partly about saying there were times when
YOU didn’t deserve it, but this person was good to you anyway..

What do you value in your life ? How has this person this
person helped you get some of that back, it’s really a lot one
can say and it shouldn’t be hard they brought better into your
life that has to count for something right ?..

Remember that gratitude is more then saying “thanks a lot”. it is deeper
then that, and carries more meaning..

To understand that as we get older it does become ones life
by making responsible decisions you a man or a woman, now sometimes we will all experience being powerless and it will seem like nothing
is going right for you..

Remember God told all you will be tested, and that He will never
give you something that you can’t handle, on that note He will bring
others to assist you in your endeavors and to share in truth..

You got to do your part that includes you doing what you
can for another person that has a struggle in their life, that could
be you just giving your time to listen to another person and
give honesty with your knowledgeable words..

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

IF UNDERSTANDING CAN BE UNDERSTOOD, then you’re acting upon this knowledgeable piece…..

OK it really do not have to be just my words, but you
must ask yourself this question sooner then you would like to delay
any longer…

Do you consider yourself to be a person that acts upon knowledge when
given ? or when it is over heard by your ears ?

Are you a person that can ponder on site to someones spoken knowledgeable words, and add to the conversation ?

The third principle is that the Prophet encountered people differing in their worship…

Amongst them were people who worshipped the angle, some worshipped the prophets and righteous man, others worshipped stones, trees, goats, cows, the sun and the moon, the list goes on…

The Messengers of God fought them and did not differentiate between them…

The third principle is that the prophets was sent to the people who
were amongst the people who worshipped the angles, the sun, trees, they even worshipped man that held righteous postions…

And from the ugliness of associating partners with God objected the worship of One ; He who is free from all imperfections, the Most High…

So from the negative aspect and absurdities of associating partners with God…

People differ in their worship…

They can’t be united under a general rule because they do not have any foundation…

Rather they proceed upon their desires and the propaganda of the misguided callers, so their differences increase…

Do you know and truly understand the unhealthy ness of a confusing ituation, or are you so raped up in the moment of a short time
gain that has nothing to do with the hereafter, or the worshiping of God…

Take care *

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

MANY PEOPLE DO UNDERSTAND THE STRUGGLE….and act accordingly in assisting one in need….

*I appreciate you…

Your very admirable…

Your actions are of a Noble person…

Thank you kindly…

Good looking out…

God bless your heart…

That is very graceful of you…

Everyone has been given rectitude…

It’s so many ways one can express graduated when another displays kindness in their actions or words, kindness by it self has a long
list of meanings, one being thoughtful, consideration, all things considered…

By one being gracious, compassionate, tender…

A person of action is forced into a state of thought by the scenery
of a struggle it touches their heart deeply when one is unable to
assist, and when one can take part in assisting any personnel
struggles, it fulls the recievers heart and the giver with worthiness, and
shows one do care…

It goes right back to what’s installed in our hearts…

Ones heart is intoned with Gods command’s, if one holds a relationship with God over time through test the heart gets blessed and strengthen over time by test that God sends your way it’s with the bad
and the good please keep that in mind…

It’s also a big part of being true to yourself and considering other
in need even the ones that’s not, it’s still the law of just
being human to be kind and offer a person some of the blessing
you have…

It’s a high level of respect thats received and given, caring comes from
the heart also it’s the stations that’s in the heart that motivates
one to always do what you can at all times never inpart
time thoughts…

The person that assists and the one that’s in need win by
their hearts form a bond, and I believe that God brings people together for reasons to be play out, only if you have truly formed a relationship
with God and is focused…

If your unfocused on all that goes on in this worldly life,
then your words and actions have nothing to do with the hereafter,
or understanding or assisting with a persons struggle…

The struggle is real, and many needs shouldn’t be, it’s the something
when one do not know something that good and healthy to and
for their life, by you sharing that knowledge, that’s assisting with the struggle it’s real in ones actions and words…


Take care *

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318