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You can’t walk with me.
I walk alone.
You can’t ease my pain, nor bring me home.

My life is mine.
My darkness and mistakes.
My hopes, my shine.

My daughters love, my heart and it breaks.

Fate, it seems, has delt me a helluva hand.
But, rather than fold, I choose to play it.
And walk alone.

But, as a man.

I stand alone.
Time does not heal all wounds.

You can’t do my time.
You can’t feel my doom.
Nor see me smlie behind steel and concrete.

As I ignore what I can’t change.
And embrace the change.
Within my ability.

I am not resopsible for the actions of others.
Reguardless of numbers, claimed colors.
Or the race of a man.

I am the master of my destiny.
And will not bend knee!
For that, I am alone.
Alon, I will stand.

I am, alone, the master of my soul.
My choices:
Whither or die, or aspire to new goals?

Cold inside.
I hide my tears.
The fear of breaking.

So my blessings, now rare.
Are cherished.
The jewels of my life.
The pain that makes them precious.
Are the contests.
Of this life.

Strives to make it home one day.
But for now.
Must do without these whos love I own.
And so.

I am alone…


I wrote this 8years ago.
I was in the hole for a group fight.
I got jumped.
My homies took off!
That showed me who was real and who were not.
I expressed my anger in the form of this poem.

Until next time…

Tony Gidican
DOC # 301528


You can spend minutes, hours.
Days, weeks or even months.
Over-Analyzing a situation;

Trying to put the pieces together.
Justifying what could’ve, would’ve happened.

…or you can just leave the pieces on the floor.
And move on!

Your choice!

Live your life and don’t sweat the small stuff life brings your way and you’ll find less stress in your life, that’s what I’m saying above.

Because I spent over 5 years trying to analyze why and how I got sent to prison. It wasted a lot of my mind capacity that it shouldn’t of. My choices I made that one early morning were the wrong ones. I’m learning every day though.

Until next time…

Tony Gidican
DOC # 301528


Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this. My name is Tony Gidican. I’m a 27 year old Phillipino, Italian man.

I fell July, 4th 2006 at the tender age of 19. I’ve been in for over 8 years. I get out April, 2nd 2019. For those keeping track that’s 12 years 9 months.

On the streets I lived a thuggish lifestyle. One early morning I was engaged in a heated argument with a group of guys. Someone pulled a gun. In self-defense I pulled my P95 Rugger and started dumpin’ on their asses. That move ended my freedom! Luckily no one was hit.

I came to prison with the street thug mentality. I was constantly fighting and getting in trouble. I was losing good time. I was always doing time in the hole. It sucked!

As I grow and get older, I recognized the need for change. It’s not easy. But I have the desire.

Through Stone City Blog, I will share my stories and struggles.

I hope to gain some insight as I reflect on my past. I hope to gain the strength, inspiration, and courage to truly change my ways.

I hope this blog site will give me the added support I need to be successful with my self-improvements.

Any feedback, suggestions, encouragements, or comments would be greatly appreciated.


Tony Gidican
DOC #301528