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Hello world, its me knowledge again! My entry to the universe today is about vision.

As i sat at work today and pondered on my life, goals and plans, i asked myself what is it that i am missing to get me to the next phase that life has for me?

The word vision came to me. I have to say that was the right word. Not because i lack vision,

but because my vision i have for my life is clear. And also its time to excel in my greatness despite me being incarcerated.

As a incarcerated male, at times we tend to bypass our vision to live in the comfort of right now,

and as i was working i kept asking myself, knowledge what is it that you need to do in order to for all your dreams to become reality?

I cam to the conclusion that i need to seperate my wants and focus solely on my needs.

Because what im truly seeking to gain out of life starts with creating a clear vision and map to navigate through the oppression that we all face being incarcerated.

When i got off work i immediately went back to the drawing board in my cell and began structuring my vision so that i can properly excel and achieve my dreams.

I will not spend another day not going after what is rightfully mine which is success, greatness, and most importantly my FREEDOM!!

Peace to the world, and before i close; my question to you all in society is;

Will you waste another day or will you take charge now? Destiny is designed by self, so why waste the greatest gift ever The Mind!!

I hope you enjoy and ponder on what is your vision and how will you make it become reality?
All eyes are on you….

Wendell Adams Jr.
DOC #881658

aka: knowledge

Understanding Self

As i evolve and mature daily, its like an obstacle appears. Whatever the obstacle may be it has no grip over my life.

The people that surrond me, its like there not here. My vision, my passion, and goals is all that i see.

Im committed to my journey and will excel at all cost. Going backwards is not an option, because i know where it will lead me; Nowhere.

Becoming a better person and living righteous comes with a risk, of people hating and trying to knock me off my square.

But yet again, will not happen because in my vision they dont exist.

The more i grow and excercise new habits. the more i become mentally stronger to endure what has yet to come.

We all have heard the saying “only the strong survive”, but when you are locked up that saying becomes fully alive.

We are what we choose to be, and i choose to be great, someone that is on a journey to help others, because in my mind it is never to late.

The path that i lead now, is one of my greatest pleasures. Re-inventing myself as a man, instead of a known convict.

Currently im incarcerated and still living righteous, understanding self is what helped me start living conscious.

Before i close i want to encourage the people in society, to learn your self wholeheartedly. When you master yourself you have won part of the lesson.

The next lesson is to find your purpose and live out your vision. Peace to the universe..

Until next time, remain strong, focused and dedicated to your vision, your best has yet to come. Blessings to you all…..

Wendell Adams Jr.
DOC #881658

The Thoughts of Bliss

As i sit here and meditate in my cell contemplating on the word bliss, complete happiness has entered my body.

The joy i experience through my daily meditations, i want to allow the world to feel what i feel, that desire to be where you want to be despite your current location.

What we experience can change our lives, so why be selfish and not share? The more we enlighten others the more we recieve back from the universe for doing the great works of giving.

We are taught to control our thouhgts, but i come to learn that, allowing our thoughts to control themselves from time to time takes us to a place where only our minds can go on there own.

Imagine yourself successful and live in that moment of truth. Now ask yourself doesnt it feel good to know you can achieve your every thought you put your mind to?

Since you thought it you can accomplish it, but it is going to take more than just your thought. It is going to take effort and time to start living your thoughts out and manifesting them to become your reality right?

What work are you willing to dedicate yourself to, to make your thoughts become your sure reality? Its up to you, and i know it in you because we all have that gift within to be great its just how bad do we want it!!

Our thoughts can surely help shape our minds, but it is us that has to create our reality. You have a world of endless possibilities, why let them keep slipping out of your hand.

Grab them and hold on because you never know how far you can go if you always let them pass you by right?

In closing i would like to say one thing to the world. When faced with adversity tap into your thoughts of bliss, and create the reality you want.

Respond positively and you will always come out on top. It seems hard but we know that practice makes perfect,

So why keep failing when you can pass the test the first time and keep moving on with life.

Peace to the world and those were my thoughts of bliss. Hope you enjoyed, can relate and also create your thoughts of bliss to guide you…

Have a blessed day, and always remember you are the sole controller of your universe and destiny, never forget you have more power than you may believe within yourself use it!!!
Peace World!!!

Wendell Adams Jr.
DOC #881658

aka: knowledge

The invitation to a never ending Bond

Hello world, my name is wendell adams jr. but better known to my peers as knowledge. I come to Stone City Blog to formally introduce myself to the universe, as an up and coming book writer.

What im looking to bring to my viewers and readers is consistency, dedication, and great reads that you can vibe with, feel from the heart, and also get you through your day to day lifestyles.

Being incarcerated we get looked down upon, but through my blogs and books i will show the world that some of the most sharp-minded, creative individuals all over the world reside right here in a prison cell.

My blogs and books will be on a variety of topics ranging from urban lit, yoga, self help, relationships, love, and day to day activities that goes on in our life that we lead.

Not only do i want my viewers to enjoy my reads, but i also want to see you prosper from what im speaking on day to day. I would love to hear your feedback, so that i can understand more of what my viewers want and also i would like to evolve and grow with the world from right here for the time being.

In closing, thank you world for greeting my formal introduction, i assure you there is more to follow, have a wonderful day and enjoy your blessings.. Until next time…… love life and enjoy laughter. Peace.

If you would like to contact me directly you can do so by doc#881658 or you can write to me at 191 constantine way, aberdeen, wa 98520.

Suzie, i want to thank you for being able to get my voice heard to the world, i send my blessings to you and your family tell your husband i said hello.

fb info is wendell (richboy) adams

Wendell Adams Jr.
DOC #881658

aka: knowledge